Playing Chess With Your Business: Thinking 3 Moves Ahead

Playing Chess With Your Business

In the early days of entrepreneurship, I became familiar with a concept called “Operation Moneysuck.”

I believe I learned this from either John Carlton or Gary Halbert – two brilliant copywriters.

And while yes, it made sense, I approached it the wrong way.

I took this to mean was that I should focus on whatever I could do 
to make money right now instead of branching out and playing the long game.

Because what may bring in money today, is not what will create a sustainable long term business.

For instance, the best thing to do today to build revenue might be to jump on the phone. Or jump in and do the work yourself.

But if you think long term, you could actually use that time to hire someone to prospect for you.

And then take that time to invest in building out a sales funnel so the leads come in week after week.

Or create a podcast, and build some incredible long-term relationships.

Or create a social media system so the content we create is spread far and wide.

Or build out your systems and procedures, so you can build some real infrastructure into your business.

Bottom line: when it comes to growing revenue, always be thinking three moves ahead.

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