The Best Way to Generate Leads and Sales From Your Email List

(even if you don’t think email marketing works for your industry)

Generate Leads and Sales From Your Email List

"Email doesn't work for my industry"

I've heard it a thousand times.

Yet it's not that it doesn't work, it's that navigating it can be a maze and it can be hard to stay motivated because...

There's far less instant gratification.

For instance, when you send an email, unlike on Linkedin, nobody "likes" your post.

Nor do they usually comment.

However, I've run email campaigns that have generated tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands within a matter of weeks.

So make no mistake -- it does work.

And while there's more competition for our attention than ever, it does work today.

In fact, according to Litmus research, it generates… A 42x ROI for Every Dollar Invested.

The problem is most businesses do it wrong.

They either "smash" their email list with sales pitches, literally wrecking it's value over time.

Or they take the "romantic" approach, hoping that if they just put out enough good content, they'll be miraculously rewarded for their efforts.

There is a better way.

I call it the 3rd way.

Most business owners follow either the “scorched earth” or “romantic” approach.

The scorched earth approach involves ‘hitting your list’ with aggressive offers on a consistent basis, however, this literally kills the golden goose, while your reputation and brand get kicked to the curb.

The other email marketing camp is “the romantics”…

Now the “romantics” believe including any offer at all in an email communication should be avoided.

So they write the equivalent of “love letters” that contain no offers or “call to action” whatsoever.

What’s more, they subscribe to the endless content theory, believing if they just keep writing, the sales will magically appear out of nowhere. In reality, this is… An Unpredictable, Inconsistent and
Painfully Slow Marketing Strategy.

The Third Way is different because it’s about genuinely helping people instead of blowing up a reef that could feed you for generations. 

What’s more, it’s simple, not complex - and allows you to still make offers… but in a way that boosts profits, and without driving potential clients away. 

More importantly, it’s your own voice that sets you apart and builds a deeper bond with your potential clients. 

And it works - for instance…  

  • 75 leads from 6,559 emails

    Geoff Bromley from What Price My House sent an email I wrote to his list, and generated 75 leads from 6,559 emails.

  • $2000 from a single email

    Cameron Strachan from Automatic Gold generates as much as $2000 from a single email to his list of 7,000 names, and sends as many as 12 emails a month.

  • Half a million dollars

    Geoff Jowett from Bodytrim made over half a million dollars from a launch to his email list.

Make no mistake, when you know how to use it… Email Marketing is the Single Marketing Activity With the Highest ROI.

If you’ve got an email list and aren’t using it regularly, you’re leaving money on the table and missing out on the opportunity of building an asset for the future.

If you’re like many business owners, you probably feel “stuck” regarding what to do.

You think your business is boring.

Or you believe nobody will read your emails anyway.

Or you don’t see the value in what you know, because you don’t think it’s special (because you’re living and breathing it 24/7).

Well, put all those concerns aside because it doesn’t matter what business you’re in, I’m going to put a pin in those “belief balloons” when you book a 20-minute call with me.

Let’s Monetise Your Email List

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