Why Your Writing Needs More Heart And Less Hustle

Why Your Writing Needs More Heart And Less Hustle

What makes bland writing stand out from soulless writing?

It’s the ability to go out on a limb, and speak from your heart.

For instance, I am writing a core story for an incredibly successful 
entrepreneur who is looking to go into the coaching space.

He’s a smart guy.

And his accomplishments are huge.

Now that’s important.

But what I am also digging for is what drives him.

What’s in his heart.

What gets him up at night.

So I’m asking questions about his past, his family…

And I discover he was brought up broke, so he was motivated to get 
out of the situation he was born in.

I also discover he was extremely passionate about education for all 
when he was a teenager, and he was deeply involved in politics.

And that, even today, he’s all about not having the money just go in 
the ‘old boys’ club and mentoring entrepreneurs so everyone has a fair go.

Now that’s a core story the audience can connect with because it goes beyond achievements (which are obviously important 
for credibility)…

Into the heart.

And when you combine the two, you’ve got rocket fuel. Why? Because as Simon Sinek famously said in his Ted Talk that received
millions of views…

People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it.

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