Here’s What High Performance Entrepreneurs Say About Scott Bywater

Jon Giaan

Jon Giaan, Knowledge Source

3,000+ Attendees to My Event, $5 Million+ in Sales

“More than 500 people attended my event, despite a competing one running on the same weekend. Since then, I’ve repurposed your copy for 3 years running, attracting in excess of 3,000 attendees and generating $5 million in sales!”

Sam Bugeja, All Ways Greener Turf, NSW

Doubled Advertising ROI, Despite Competition

“I have already made almost double the ROI vs. the previous year, despite the fact the competition has become stiffer with 8 of my competitors entering the market.”

Nick Lockhart

Nick Lockhart and Bryce Holdaway, MRD, NSW

Tripled Event Attendance

“Previously, we’d be lucky to get 20 people into a seminar room, which took a lot of hard work. In our most recent trip to Perth, we saw 185 people in 3 days (an average of more than 60 people a night) … which is by far the best result we’ve achieved since starting the business.”

Geoff Bromley

Geoff Bromley, What Price My House, NSW

75 Leads From 6,559 Emails Sent

“It’s already generated 2 new clients worth at least $3,000 to us, and I am predicting at least $18,000 in sales from a single email. Thank you."

Theo Tsiamis, Accountants Choice, NSW

500 New Leads, Over $200,000.00 in Sales

When my ads dropped, the phones rang off the hook. We’ve generated over 500 leads and a total of $200,000 in sales so far (which I expect to double by the time we follow them up properly). What’s more, I have a system I can replicate to achieve results like this over and over again.”

Roberta Faddoul

Roberta Faddoul, Quantam Change Seminars

$800,000 in Sales, BRW Top 100

I was looking for a way to market my NLP seminars to the general public, and created an entire marketing and advertising campaign with Scott based on a strategy which was previously untested in the industry. The campaign brought in over $800,000.00 in sales and contributed to me becoming one of the youngest women to make BRW magazine’s list of the top 100 fastest growing companies in the country.”

Ray Milton

Ray Milton, M & M Pest Control, NSW

Inquiries Up 25%, a $42,000.00 Saving

"Your advice on measuring the results  from our advertising confirmed my decision to eliminate over $42,000.00 in unnecessary expenses –because it wasn’t paying it’s way. I have noticed a 25% increase in inquiries from our advertisement in the first few months."

Peter Kirkham, Print Acumen

$70,000.00 in Increased Sales, via Predictable Leads

“The lead generation website and autoresponder sequence you developed  has produced an additional $70,000.00 in sales, and I’m now able to control the amount coming into my business which gives me peace of mind.”

Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson, Redman Partners

$187,000.00 Generated From a $3,000 Investment

The super fund campaign was mailed to 6,000 accounting firms in the eastern states of Australia at a total cost of $6,000, and brought in $187,000 in revenue in 12 months -- a return of investment of over 3,000%!

Tim Pringle, Wedding and Function Singer

My Conversion Rate Jumped Over 5x Within a Month

“In October, I sent a standard one-page quote to potential clients who requested a quote. It converted 1 lead out of 11. In November, I used the 7-page quote format Scott wrote and it converted 6 leads out of 12. That’s a jump from 9% to 50% within a month.”

Larissa Carrus, Airbrushing Made Easy

60 Sales in 3 Days, From a 3,000 Person Email List

“Within a few days of launching the autoresponder series you wrote to my database, I raked in 60 sales. It’s since gone on to generate tens of thousands of additional revenue while I sleep.”

Geoff Jowett

Geoff Jowett, Bodytrim

Almost Half a Million Dollars From an Email Product Launch

“Millions of dollars were generated from the ads you wrote - not to mention almost half a million dollars from a below the line email “product launch” to existing customers"

Jacqui Attard

Jacqui Attard, Excellence in Practice

$150,000 in Sales From 1 Letter

"Thanks to the letter you wrote, we received 140 registered people to our seminar from 800 mailed, a 17.5% response rate. This resulted in 6 new clients at $25,000.00.”

Stephen Aitken

Stephen Aitken, Aitken Real Estate

More Than $50,000.00 in Sales Within Months, From a 5 Page Letter

“I was skeptical about sending out a 5 page letter, however it’s generated more than $50,000.00 in sales within a few short months - and still continues to pull in new listings every single time it is mailed, even years later.”

Brett Fort, Turnkey Property

$64k Generated From $16k in Facebook Ads

“After you conducted in-depth research into our clients you turned our Facebook ads on their head,  we received a 32% increase in our click through rate. This resulted in 3 sales and $64,000.00 in revenue from a $16,000 investment - a 4x ROI.”

Jim Howes, Australian Technical Cleaning, NSW

Goodbye Price Shoppers, Sales Doubled

Conservatively, the advertisement you wrote will double my domestic turnover. My conversion rate has also increased because instead of attracting the price shoppers I’m being contacted by a better class clientele, in the 45 & over age group - who don’t quibble over price and just want a good job done.

Chris Elmore, Guitar Tips

Sales are up by $114,000.00 a Year

“I’d become relaxed with my sales copy, as it was working. Yet since you rewrote it, sales increased by an average of $6,000 a month. Plus, the autoresponder series is raking in an additional $43,000.00 a year.”

Rob, Brian, Movement 101

Rob Gallagher & Brian O’Loughlin, Movement 101

100 Sales @ €99 Within 7 Days

“The survey you did before writing the copy opened up our eyes - we thought we knew our customers but you managed to get inside their heads. And the results speak for themselves -  as soon as the opening email from the launch went out, sales were flying.

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