Why Hustle Alone Won’t Cut it: My Lesson in Building Business Assets

Building Business Assets

I made a couple of sales this week as a result of a sales letters I wrote about 6 months ago. The system we put in place, took a long time to set up.

It was for a specific niche, and felt like nothing was happening for quite awhile.

But we had to set up the infrastructure.

This is a mistake I made for far too long.

For years, I had “BIG” clients.

I worked with some of the titans for the direct marketing industry
here in Australia. I thought it was great. I was busy all the time. I was working with the leaders and I learnt a lot. I’m very grateful for the experience.

However from a business growth perspective, something I didn’t realise 
at the time. No matter how much I hustled, I was going around in circles. I wasn’t building systems. I wasn’t hiring people. I wasn’t putting in marketing funnels.

What I’ve realised (and I’m a slow learner, it’s taken over two decades)

Is that you can hustle all you want but business results are a result of accumulating marketing and business 

What do I mean by assets? Well, last year I set up my systems with Clickup, with the help of the brilliant
Varant Bomoushakian. This year, I wrote a sales letter for a specific niche. This month I hired a virtual assistant.

4 years ago I created a mastermind which has helped create many referrals. Each of these are business assets – from both a marketing and operational perspective.

So my question to you is:

How many assets are you setting up for growth, so you don’t go around in circles for years like I did?

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