BAMFAM: The 5x Win-Win Formula For Extra ‘Bonus’ Sales

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A couple of years ago, I bought a computer from a big box chain. 

It’s had a few glitches, so I took it to get serviced last weekend… as a part of a plan I had purchased. 

Anyway, while I was there I needed a couple of sets of earphones for my iPhone (I have no idea how many of these I have lost over the years, between my son and I using them at the gym, haha)… 

So I bought them for $30 each. $60.

Afterwards I thought… 

Isn’t that interesting? 

By offering a servicing section, they had made an extra $60 off me because it was a way to stay in touch.

Now $60 probably doesn’t move the needle much.

But imagine they’re doing that with thousands of clients a year.

And some people wouldn’t just buy some earphones…

They might buy a TV.

Or a toaster. 

A kettle. 

Or a new stove.

Spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars. 

Multiply those numbers, and they get interesting. 

How about you and I? 

Could we do that?

Instead of finishing a project, and handing it over as done…

Why not book in a follow-up service call? 

In the consulting world, I call it BAMFAM… Book a Meeting From a Meeting. 

This not only provides a better service to your customers, it helps grow your business… 

Because it’s 5x easier to sell to an existing client than get a new one. 

And isn’t that the ultimate win-win scenario? 

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