Outsmart Your Competition: Look For What Others Don’t

Scott Bywater - copywriting that sells

There are unseen marketing angles in almost any industry, if we’re willing to think deeply enough and think outside the box. 

For instance, over Xmas we got our windows cleaned. 

They looked great. But… 

In late January, we got spiders in the house, and called in a pest control company. 

The pest control company sprayed chemicals all over the windows, part of their usual process. 

Now that’s great. And it needed to be done. 

The only problem is, now the work we did to make the windows look beautiful was ruined. 

What we would have been better off doing, had we known, is getting the pest control done first. 

And then cleaning the windows. 

Now if I ran a pest control company, I would do a test campaign on Google targeting people searching terms around home window washing along the lines of this… 

Never, Ever Get Your Windows Washed Without Doing This First – You’ll Waste Hundreds of Dollars.

It might work. It might fail. 

But I could test it for under $1000… 

And if it did, I would have an entirely new advertising avenue, with zero competition… that could bring me in tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue… 

BEFORE my competition even knew what I was doing. 

Need outside the box ideas for your business? 

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