Why The Long Sales Letter Died

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Have you noticed the long scrolling sales letter has become  less prevalent over recent years? 

Long copy is dead, right? People just don’t have the attention span they did years ago. 

They don’t consume enough content. 

Ha… yeah, right. 

I had this conversation the other day with a new content marketing client. 

He said he preferred the articles shorter. 

I replied: that’s fine. 

I prefer to write shorter content.  It’s easier for us. 

However you might want to listen to the statistics from Marcus  Sheridan, who wrote the book “They Ask, You Answer.”

He found that if someone absorbed 30 or more pieces of sales content before a sales meeting the conversion rate jumped from 10% to 80%.  (he was selling swimming pools at the time). 

So while your prospects may have consumed the way they consume content (i.e. they’re not reading as many long sales letters)… 

Webinars and VSL’s are one of the most popular marketing strategies  today. 

And what are they, other than a long sales letter on video? 

Likewise, your prospects will read reviews. 

Or scroll through your blog posts to build trust. 

As humans, we want to be protected from bad decisions. 

And that’s why we will consume content to answer our objects – and get the information we need before biting the bullet on a significant sale. 

So if you’re not putting yourself out there and your competitors are, in all likelihood, they’ll eat your lunch. 

So if you want the equivalent of a long sales letter that will work in 2024… 

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