Make Your Message Stick With This “Memory Athlete” Technique

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I’ve been doing a lot of ‘learning how to learn’ recently. 

And there’s this thing called mnemonics which all the memory champions use. 

Now the definition of mnemonics, according to the dictionary is: the study and development of systems for improving and assisting the memory.

There are different ways it can be used – everything from an acronym, to a rhyme, to memory pegging. 

One of the methods is called the memory castle.

Let’s say you want to remember a shopping list. 

You need to get milk, bread and ham. 

To remember this, you might imagine: someone pouring milk on your front 
porch as your wife screams at them… 

Then walking into your lounge room and standing on your couch while throwing bread slices all over the place… 

And a pig running around your kitchen. 

The more crazy, the better. 

This is far harder to forget than a standard list. 

So how does this apply to copywriting


Use unforgettable images… 

For example, let’s say you’re a real estate agent. You could describe a property not just as a “4-bedroom house with a large yard,” but as “your next haven of tranquility, featuring four sun-drenched bedrooms, each a serene retreat, and a sprawling backyard oasis, perfect for your morning yoga or a weekend barbecue with loved ones.” 

This approach turns the mundane into the memorable. 

Likewise, when explaining the kitchen you could say: 

“a kitchen that’s the heart of the home, where family recipes and secrets are shared like in an old Italian villa.”

And this doesn’t just apply to real estate agents, it applies to any business. 

For example, an accountant could say: 

“Imagine a future where tax season doesn’t loom over you like a dark cloud, but rather comes with the peace of mind of knowing you’re in expert hands.”

And a pest controller could say: 

“Our eco-friendly approach is like a warrior’s shield, guarding your loved ones and pets against invaders”

Notice how the “dark cloud” and “warrior’s shield” paints a deeper, more memorable picture? 

Now it’s over to you… 

How could you incorporate unforgettable images into your copy, to make it more memorable?  

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