If you’ve achieved results for a client, this is one of the best things you can do to leverage it

leverage achieved results for a client

Turn the results into a case study. That’s right, make your client the HERO.

For example, if I was a real estate agent like Adam Nobel at Hugo Alexander Group in Brisbane…

Instead of doing what most agents are doing, and running ads along the lines of:

John Stuart, Been in the Industry for X years

I’d flip it, pick out a client, and write something like:

How John Simpson of Chapel Hill Sold His House at 27% Above Reserve

And then tell the story.

i.e. the problem he faced (conditions of the market, not selling through other agencies).

The process (what you did differently to get them the result)

And the end result.

Remember, proof sells.

So instead of relegating it to a minor testimonial deep in the copy, lead with it.

i.e. a Landscaper like Caroline Shaw from Shaw Landscape Group:

How John’s New Garden Added $120,000 to the Value of His Property

John’s New Garden is Like a Magnet for His Grandchildren – Who Now Visit Regularly

See how this works?

Identify the appeal of your target market.

Find the case study which proves it can be done.

And roll it out to grab the attention and trust of your target market.

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