Propaganda Eats Marketing For Breakfast

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I used to think marketing was powerful, but with what I’ve seen in recent years I now have a new saying:

Propaganda eats marketing for breakfast

So what is propaganda?

According to the dictionary definition, it means: 

“information, ideas, opinions, or images that give one part of an argument, which are broadcast, published, etc. in order to influence people’s opinions”

Edward Bernays dives into this more deeply in his book, Propaganda… 

And in many ways, it is what has shaped the world, and the way the majority of people think today. 

But what does it mean to you and I? 

Well, I believe that in 2024 we all need to be our own propaganda agent. 

Think about it: if you’re a mechanic doing brilliant work, odds are your clients aren’t going to blow your trumpet. 

They’ve got other things to focus on, like running their kids to school, working, cooking, and staying on top of day to day life. 

You need to do it yourself. 

Otherwise your competitor eventually will, and even if he or she is doing substandard work compared to you… 

They’re going to win the business. 


Because they’re going to be seen online all the time. With education. With material that connects with their target market.

With content which covers their prospects concerns. 

And the same applies if you’re a real estate agent, accountant or a florist. 

Need help setting up a propaganda arm for your business? 

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