The Art of the Slow Burn: Why Some Leads Are a Decade in the Making

The Art of the Slow Burn: Why Some Leads Are a Decade in the Making

I received a lead from someone the other day who has been on my email list for over 10 years.

That’s right…

An entire decade.

And odds are, he’ll turn into a quality client, moving from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

Yet I’ve often used the “report” strategy for clients, who if someone doesn’t convert right away from the first 10 leads…

They give up…

And say “they’re crap leads.”

In truth, if someone doesn’t convert right away it might be simply because the “when” is not right.

For instance, let’s say I respond to a real estate agent today about what my home is worth…

Out of curiosity.

Now I’ve got no desire to sell my house right now.

So in all likelihood, that agent will not stay in touch with me.

But there will be a “when” at some stage.

Maybe it will be when my son leaves school.

Or when we decide to travel more.

Or when the World Economic Forum & co gets obliterated, and I’d feel comfortable living in a place with less land.

But make no mistake…

It’s only a matter of time.

For everyone on your email list who is qualified, there will be a “when.”

The question is:

Will you play the long game, and be “top of mind” when it happens?

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