The Best Way to Grab the Attention of a Frustrated Prospect

Sometimes your potential client has tried to do all the right things but still failed to achieve their objectives. And they’re literally fed up. They’ve had enough.

So when you enter this conversation, by calling it out, you
can instantly resonate with them.

For instance, imagine you’re a fitness expert like Zac Mason

Your headline could read:

Grab the Attention of a Frustrated Prospect

Had Enough of Being Told to Eat Less and Exercise More?

And followed up by using the word “enough” in front of all their other problems…

Enough counting calories?

Enough drinking 10 glasses of water a day?

Enough going to the gym 3 days a week?

Before you give up, give me 5 minutes of your time…

See how this works? Find out what your prospects frustrations are, and then tap into the conversation going on in their minds.

i.e. the perfect headline for a teenager…

Had Enough of Doing an Hour of Homework a Night?

Or for someone who owns a car?

Had Enough of Cleaning Your Car Once a Week?

So what have your clients had enough of?

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