How do you engage a prospect when your product or service is too good to be true?


While they love the promise, they could get blinded by scepticism.

One of the best ways is to address the issue head-on, via the “what if” technique…

It works a treat when you want to introduce something which nobody believes is possible.

For example…

“What if there was a Cure for Alzheimer’s, and No One Heard About it?”

You want to know what’s next, right?

Although you’re sceptical, it’s piqued your interest.

Likewise, let’s say you sell courses on real estate investment like Jon Giaan at Knowledge Source.

How about…

What if There was a Way to Find Positive Cashflow Properties in the Middle of Sydney… and No One Had Heard About it?

Or if you sell dog food like William Wiadrowski

“What if There was a Food that Made Bad Dog Breath Disappear and No One Heard About it?”

See how this works?

What’s something which is considered virtually impossible in your industry, but you know you can do?

Now use this approach to turn it into a hook for your next ad.

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