Ignorance is Bliss Until Reality Hands You the Invoice

Ignorance is Bliss Until Reality Hands You the Invoice

You’ve been told ignorance is bliss, but that only lasts for so long. 

Here’s why: 

Most things which are good or bad for us happen incrementally. And when we’re not aware of this, it can hurt us and our business. Take vegetable oil – sunflower oil, canola oil, etc. It’s extremely toxic, and it’s found in most of our food including 
potato chips. 

So yeah, sure, if you’re oblivious about vegetable oil (and think it’s healthy, because of the word vegetable) you can enjoy a pack of potato chips guilt free in the short term. 

However if you’ve read the book I’m in the middle of (Deep Nutrition
by Catherine Shanahan
), you’ll avoid it like the plague. Of course, if you eat some vegetable oil today it won’t necessarily have a big impact on your life. 

Likewise, if you eat healthy food, it won’t have an instant effect. But do it for a month, 3 months, a year, 2 years, 5 years, and the results will compound. The same applies to your marketing. 

Many business owners forget marketing because they’re “too busy”, but time eventually catches up and it slaps them in the face down the track. Yes, just as every drop of vegetable oil erodes your health… 

And just as every visit to the gym improves your health… 

Each time you decide to… 

Send an email 
Split test a Facebook ad
Finetune your marketing funnel
Call an old prospect
Send a thank you card
Post a blog
Attend a networking event
Create a white paper 
Upgrade your SEO
Create a testimonial
Get a review

It will have an incremental effect. Especially if you set up a system, so you are implementing a number of strategies concurrently. 

Do that and 3 months from now, 6 months from now, 12 months from now… 
your calendar could be booked solid. 

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