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Headline Hacks

101 Subject Line Hacks

Use these 101 cut and paste subject line templates to get your emails opened.

[Based on real experience from writing over 9,127 subject lines - and seeing split-test results over a period of over 14 years]

Inside this Free PDF you’ll discover:

  • How to use metaphors, to turn your subject lines into a thriller which is impossible to ignore [headline hack #6]

  • The perfect subject line for the jaded prospect [headline hack #13]

  • How to attack the “hopeless” objection [headline hack #20]

  • The ultimate question to ask your best prospects [headline hack #38]

  • The best type of subject line to use when everyone else is making big claims [zig while everyone else is zagging with headline hack #65]

  • A potent subject line to use if you know your prospects are making mistakes by not listening to you [headline hack #77]

  • Are you in an industry where the way everyone thinks is the opposite of what you know is fact? Then you’ll love subject line hack #88

  • The perfect subject line to break the ice with a prospect who’s lying latent on your email list [headline hack #100]

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Headline Hacks
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