This is the best way to quickly set a superior product or service apart

Way to quickly set a superior product or service apart

There is a time and place to compare yourself to the competition and it will quickly set a superior product or service apart.

Here’s the thing: our mind doesn’t think technically, it thinks in images.

It also thinks in terms of what it’s familiar with, so if you want to explain that something is 57,600 square feet or 1.32 acres, you’ll get the message across far faster if you instead say…

It’s about the size of a football field.

Why? Because your prospect is familiar with it.

Likewise, there was a popular ad from years ago, which literally compared itself to the competition with…

Better than Botox

Not only did it have the double B’s, it was easy to relate to because everyone’s heard of botox.

And this can be applied to virtually any business.

For example, imagine you’re a pain relief expert. You could run a headline that reads…

Better than a Headache Pill?

Likewise, a real estate agent could run a headline comparing a suburb to a more popular one…

i.e. Is Redfern a better investment than Surry Hills?

In fact, the Ram 1500 did this perfectly, although instead of saying Better than a Ute…

They said…

Eats Utes for Breakfast

Incorporating ‘the metaphor’ concept, together with the ‘better than’ concept.

So how about your industry?

What could you make a “better than” comparison to, in order to make your headline pop?

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