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When marketing your business… 

You need to join the dots for your customers. 

Let’s take the recent release of the Epstein files for instance, 

which have just hit the mainstream news.

Many people who are busy living their lives will gloss past it and think it’s no big deal… 

A bunch of famous people were linked to Epstein & his island. 

Interesting, now what’s on TV tonight?

But if you go a layer deeper, and join the dots… 

Pointing out that Bill Gates (whose wife divorced him over his relationship with Epstein) is also the largest funder of the World Health Organisation… 

Who drove the health directions of nations all over the world – particularly over the past 3 years… 

Then the implications get a lot more interesting… 

Particularly when you add former president, Bill Clinton into the mix – who was literally the leader of the free world. 

What are the odds of that? 

Now let’s apply this same jot-joining concept to your business. 

For instance, let’s say you’re a florist selling flowers. 

You could say they brighten up the office. 

Or you could dive deeper, and find studies which show they help reduce stress. 

And then draw the connection to the fact that a less stressed office could reduce sickness and absence rates.

And that by reducing absence rates, you boost productivity, leading to increased profits.

Now you’re not just selling a prettier office, you’re selling a bigger ROI. 

So what’s a benefit your business offers? 

And what are the deeper benefits you can join the dots on, so your clients can really grasp just how much value you can add to their business? 

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