Do you get incredible results for clients and fail to showcase them?

The before / after ad opening is not relegated to weight loss, and those in “visual” industries.

Think about it: what everyone wants when they buy a product or service is to go from where they are to where they want to be.

i.e. let’s say you offer SEO as a service like Peter B Butler from Smarter Websites.

Your ad could read…

Before optimizing XYZ company’s website, they were generating 500 visitors a week, and 2 leads on average.

After optimizing it, they’re now getting 5000 visitors a week, and 15 quality leads.

Here’s another example which a real estate agent like Mike T could use:

Before listing their house with us, he generated 1 inquiry in 90 days.

After listing their house with us, they generated 10 serious inquiries within 30 days – and sold their house for 12% above the expected value.

What made the difference? Then explain the difference in your unique process.

So what’s your before / after?

And how can you apply this concept to your business?

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