How to Stay Ahead in a World Where Nobody Can Predict the Future

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I’m in touch with a number of knowledgeable people in the investment space…

And what’s interesting is, they all have different views of what’s coming next.

Take bitcoin for instance.

One person I know is big on the bitcoin halving and thinks that’s going to be huge…

Another expert is bearish on bitcoin…

So what do you do, right?

The best advice I’ve received came from a friend who taught me about a concept called “optionality.”

What do I mean by that?

It all boils down to this.

None of us can predict the future.

None of us know exactly what’s going to work.

And therefore, we want to hedge our bets amongst key investments, both high risk and low risk…

So if one does shoot for the stratosphere, we still win big.

And if one does get smashed, we don’t lose big.

The same applies to investing in marketing strategies.

For instance, this year I have a range of strategies in my toolbox including…

High level networking
Email marketing
Client nurturing
Upselling with a new service
Social media marketing
PPC ads

Do I know exactly what’s going to work? Of course not.

But I know that by testing a range of strategies, and doubling down on what works, I maximise my odds of success.

How about you? How are you maximising optionality for 2024?

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