How to attack industry norms in your ads, to win the race against 2nd rate competitors

There are plenty of BAD things which are popular, for instance, if you do a deep dive into…

What’s really inside many beauty products

How to attack industry norms in your ads, to win the race against 2nd rate competitors

The ingredients list on popular foods (like cochineal, a type of food colouring derived from insects found in a popular chocolate biscuit)

Or the side effects of many medical interventions

Your jaw will probably drop. What is the ‘popular but bad’ factor for your industry?

If you call it out in your headlines, you can grab the eyeballs of your target market.

For instance, let’s say you’re a B2B lead generation company like Greg Smith runs at Buntu and everyone is running Facebook ads.

Yet you know there’s a better way, particularly for those who are targeting CEO’s of mid sized companies. 

You could run an ad along the lines of…

Slow Death by Facebook Sales Funnels

You could continue on from there by explaining that following the Facebook ads hype is literally wrecking their business because that’s not where their clients were hanging out.

So how could this apply to other business categories? It’s simple. Think of something popular in your industry. Then think of a problem.

For instance, a real estate agent could say, Wreck Your Houses Selling Price by Running Auctions

Peaks your curiosity, doesn’t it? Makes you want to know more?

Likewise, a SEO company like Nathan Wade at Disrupta could create a headline along the lines of:

Wreck Your SEO by Upgrading Your Web Site

Followed by a subheadline: How upgrading your website without following the checklist can halve the amount of traffic you get. Yet there’s a simple way to fix the problem within just a few hours.

Get it? Great…

So how can you apply this approach to your business?

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