Beat Cheaper Competitors With This 8x Conversion Secret

Beat Cheaper Competitors With This 8x Conversion Secret

I was chatting with a builder recently. He’s extremely knowledgeable, and I would say the top 1% at what he does. But he does, at times, lose work to cheaper competitors. 

That’s why we have not only redone the copy on his web site, we’re also creating a regular flow of blog content… 

Which is then cut up into both emails and social media posts. Yet I said to him, don’t stop there. Take those blog posts, and turn them into a book. 

Why? It’s simple. 

According to Marcus Sheridan, author of “They Ask, You Answer”… 
When someone had absorbed 30 or more pieces of content (in his case, blog posts)
before a sales meeting, the conversion soared from an industry average
of 10% to over 80%. 

That’s right – an 8x increase in conversions. But that content doesn’t have to come from 30 different pieces.
It can be as a result of attending an extended webinar. Or reading a book. 

So be smart. Carve up your content and leverage it at every stage of the marketing funnel including… 

The top (to get your prospects to join your email list

The middle (to get your prospects to book an appointment with you) 

And the bottom (to get your prospects to buy)

Need help getting more trust from your prospects, so you win the job
even if you’re charging a premium price? 

Then book in a time for a chat with me here

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