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This is the best way to quickly set a superior product or service apart

By Scott Bywater / November 1, 2023 / 0 Comments

There is a time and place to compare yourself to the competition and it will quickly set a superior product or service apart. Here’s the thing: our mind doesn’t think technically, it thinks in images. It also thinks in terms of what it’s familiar with, so if you want to explain that something is 57,600 […]

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How to attack industry norms in your ads, to win the race against 2nd rate competitors

By Scott Bywater / October 19, 2023 / 0 Comments

There are plenty of BAD things which are popular, for instance, if you do a deep dive into… What’s really inside many beauty products The ingredients list on popular foods (like cochineal, a type of food colouring derived from insects found in a popular chocolate biscuit) Or the side effects of many medical interventions Your […]

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Best Way to Flag Down Key Prospects

By Scott Bywater / October 9, 2023 / 0 Comments

I felt the pain instantly. Even though I’d dove into the rock pool dozens of times before, when I pushed my feet down… I ended up with a “rock splinter” in my big toe. It hurt. And if I had seen an ad on the way home which read: “If you have a rock splinter, […]

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One Hour of This = Breakthrough Ideas

By Scott Bywater / August 30, 2023 / 0 Comments

Recently, I dove into Keith Cunningham’s “The Road Less Stupid.” A gem of a book, and it introduced me to a concept that, while not entirely new, was certainly underutilised in my routine: “Thinking Time.” Sure, I think a lot. When crafting copy, strategizing in meetings, or planning my week. But setting aside dedicated, conscious […]

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Ignorance is Bliss Until Reality Hands You the Invoice

By Scott Bywater / August 30, 2023 / 0 Comments

You’ve been told ignorance is bliss, but that only lasts for so long.  Here’s why:  Most things which are good or bad for us happen incrementally. And when we’re not aware of this, it can hurt us and our business. Take vegetable oil – sunflower oil, canola oil, etc. It’s extremely toxic, and it’s found in most […]

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Beat Cheaper Competitors With This 8x Conversion Secret

By Scott Bywater / August 23, 2023 / 0 Comments

I was chatting with a builder recently. He’s extremely knowledgeable, and I would say the top 1% at what he does. But he does, at times, lose work to cheaper competitors.  That’s why we have not only redone the copy on his web site, we’re also creating a regular flow of blog content…  Which is then cut […]

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How do you engage a prospect when your product or service is too good to be true?

By Scott Bywater / February 27, 2023 / 0 Comments

While they love the promise, they could get blinded by scepticism. One of the best ways is to address the issue head-on, via the “what if” technique… It works a treat when you want to introduce something which nobody believes is possible. For example… “What if there was a Cure for Alzheimer’s, and No One […]

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