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Outsmart Your Competition: Look For What Others Don’t

By Scott Bywater / February 6, 2024 / 0 Comments

There are unseen marketing angles in almost any industry, if we’re willing to think deeply enough and think outside the box.  For instance, over Xmas we got our windows cleaned.  They looked great. But…  In late January, we got spiders in the house, and called in a pest control company.  The pest control company sprayed […]

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Scott Bywater - copywriting that sells

Dare to Defy: Why Rebels Run the Business World

By Scott Bywater / February 2, 2024 / 0 Comments

Obedience to popular opinion is safe, but it gets you nowhere. Think about it. Was Apple obedient to industry norms?  How about Amazon? Or Virgin? Not at all.  Regardless of some of the question marks around the backgrounds & integrity of some of these founders…  One thing can’t be denied:  They broke the mould.  They zigged when […]

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The Art of the Slow Burn: Why Some Leads Are a Decade in the Making

By Scott Bywater / January 30, 2024 / 0 Comments

I received a lead from someone the other day who has been on my email list for over 10 years. That’s right… An entire decade. And odds are, he’ll turn into a quality client, moving from a caterpillar to a butterfly. Yet I’ve often used the “report” strategy for clients, who if someone doesn’t convert right away […]

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Scott Bywater - copywriting that sells

Propaganda Eats Marketing For Breakfast

By Scott Bywater / January 26, 2024 / 0 Comments

I used to think marketing was powerful, but with what I’ve seen in recent years I now have a new saying: Propaganda eats marketing for breakfast So what is propaganda? According to the dictionary definition, it means:  “information, ideas, opinions, or images that give one part of an argument, which are broadcast, published, etc. in order to […]

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This Is Why The 10,000 Hour Rule Is Wrong

By Scott Bywater / January 23, 2024 / 0 Comments

You’ve heard about the 10,000 hour rule…  And that to be an expert at anything, you need to put in the hours.  But is it actually accurate?  That would mean every accountant who had been doing their job for a decade or more, would be a “master.”  It’s not the reality. So what’s the difference that […]

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Scott Bywater - copywriting that sells

How to Stay Ahead in a World Where Nobody Can Predict the Future

By Scott Bywater / January 19, 2024 / 0 Comments

I’m in touch with a number of knowledgeable people in the investment space… And what’s interesting is, they all have different views of what’s coming next. Take bitcoin for instance. One person I know is big on the bitcoin halving and thinks that’s going to be huge… Another expert is bearish on bitcoin… So what […]

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Join The Dots

By Scott Bywater / January 16, 2024 / 0 Comments

When marketing your business…  You need to join the dots for your customers.  Let’s take the recent release of the Epstein files for instance,  which have just hit the mainstream news. Many people who are busy living their lives will gloss past it and think it’s no big deal…  A bunch of famous people were […]

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Scott Bywater - copywriting that sells

5x Easier, Prioritise This 2024 Marketing Strategy

By Scott Bywater / January 12, 2024 / 0 Comments

Welcome to 2024…  Something to consider this year: in a world buzzing with marketing hacks and trends, it’s easy to get swept away by the latest shiny object.  However, sometimes, the most potent strategy is a classic one…   The reality is that it’s five times easier to sell to an existing client than to acquire […]

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If you’ve achieved results for a client, this is one of the best things you can do to leverage it

By Scott Bywater / January 9, 2024 / 0 Comments

Turn the results into a case study. That’s right, make your client the HERO. For example, if I was a real estate agent like Adam Nobel at Hugo Alexander Group in Brisbane… Instead of doing what most agents are doing, and running ads along the lines of: John Stuart, Been in the Industry for X […]

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Can you see a problem or opportunity ahead which your prospects can’t?

By Scott Bywater / December 8, 2023 / 0 Comments

Something that would make their jaw drop, which you’d like to warn them about? Then “the shock ahead” headline is the perfect hook… For instance, imagine you sell air-conditioners. You’ve done your research and can see this is going to be one of the hottest summers on record. A headline along the lines of: “The […]

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Do you get incredible results for clients and fail to showcase them?

By Scott Bywater / November 15, 2023 / 0 Comments

The before / after ad opening is not relegated to weight loss, and those in “visual” industries. Think about it: what everyone wants when they buy a product or service is to go from where they are to where they want to be. i.e. let’s say you offer SEO as a service like Peter B Butler from […]

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The Best Way to Grab the Attention of a Frustrated Prospect

By Scott Bywater / November 8, 2023 / 0 Comments

Sometimes your potential client has tried to do all the right things but still failed to achieve their objectives. And they’re literally fed up. They’ve had enough. So when you enter this conversation, by calling it out, youcan instantly resonate with them. For instance, imagine you’re a fitness expert like Zac Mason Your headline could read: […]

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