Here’s a small sample of ordinary business owners just like you achieving EXTRAORDINARY RESULTS as a result of the copy we create for our clients...

“Over 3,000% Return On Investment – Selling To Accountants”
PROBLEM: Peter Johnson has a business that serves accounting firms. He wanted a letter that conveyed to accountants how his service could help them better serve their clients.
ACTION: I wrote a letter that brought to light the problems accounting firms were likely to encounter with self managed superannuation funds - and how Peter could help them solve their problems.
RESULT: The letter was mailed to 6,000 accounting firms in the eastern states of Australia. It cost a total of $6,000 for the mail out and brought in $187,000 in revenue in 12 months. A return of investment of over 3,000%!
Here's What Peter Johnson Said About My Copy ...
“I was a bit concerned when I received your letter because it was quite long and I was marketing to accountants. But I could also see that it was extremely compelling, and since you had the runs on the board I was happy to put it to the test.
And I’m glad I did because within 12 months after the mail out I made an extra of $187,000 in revenue. As you have been telling me all the time: when something works, KEEP DOING IT! Thanks, Scott”
Peter Johnson
Redman Partners
Sydney, Australia
“It Hit The Target and Generated About Four Times My Investment!”
PROBLEM: Michael Russo owns a Laundromat in Adelaide and wanted to acquire 40 new customers with his new marketing campaign.
ACTION: I wrote a brochure which explained Michael’s service and his offer. He mailed out the brochure in his local area.
RESULT: Michael hit his target and acquired 41 new customers. The campaign generated a revenue of about 4 times his investment. Not only that, the customers he acquired from the campaign would keep coming back for his service without him having to spend more money marketing to those customers again.
Here's What Michael Russo Said About My Copy ...
Scott, your copy worked really well. I’m very happy with the result I got. And you are so efficient and easy to get along with. Every time I needed to talk to you, I had no problem in getting hold with you and having my questions answered.
One more thing which came as a bonus for us. I have “recycled” the material and layout you did for us and used it in other marketing campaigns. It worked very well, especially when I had the right headline and offer. Thanks Scott!”
Michael Russo, international speaker, entrepreneur and author of Passive Millionairre
“Roberta Faddoul Joins The BRW Magazine’s List Of The Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies In The Country – Says Copywriting Is The Best Business Investment You’ll Ever Make”
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PROBLEM: Roberta Faddoul from Quantam Change Seminars wanted to sell people into her NLP seminars
ACTION: I created an entire marketing and advertising campaign for Roberta based on a strategy which was previously untested in the industry.
RESULT: The campaign was responsible for bringing in a total of over $800,000 for that one project. And contributed to Roberta becoming one of the youngest women to make BRW magazine’s list of the top 100 fastest growing companies in the country.
Here's What Roberta Faddoul had to say ...
“We earned over $800,000 in total from just one project Scott was helping us with. We have used his service ever since. He has helped us with over half of a dozen of projects now.
If you’re considering investing in copywriting, it is highly recommended. It will be the best business expense you’ll ever invest for your business.
When it comes to marketing and advertising, listen to Scott. It’s a lot of fun working with him. But you’ve got to take that chance. When you do, you’ll get a great response.”
Roberta Faddoul, Quantum Change Seminars,

“My Sales Increased By 500%
Within A Month. It Really Works!”

PROBLEM: Tim Pringle is a wedding and function singer in NSW. He knew almost nothing about marketing and advertising. He had a one-page quote he sent out to new clients after an enquiry which was converting at around one lead out of eleven. And he wanted to improve the conversion and get more customers.

ACTION: He created a 7-page quote which explained his service in more detail, and answered his prospects most common questions. (note: this strategy could be used by virtually anyone who sells a high ticket item).

RESULT: The conversion jumped from 1 sale out of 11 leads in October, to 6 out of 12 in November – that’s an increase of 500% within a month!

Here's What Tim Pringle had to say...
“In October, I sent a standard one-page quote to potential clients who requested a quote. It converted 1 lead out of 11. In November, I used the 7-page quote format and it converted 6 leads out of 12. That means my conversion rate was increased from 10% to 50% and my sales increased by 500% within a month!
My comment is if anyone is considering having Scott give advice on your marketing campaign, go for it because his stuff really works. And it’s very easy.
Tim Pringle,

“I Was Able To Get So Many Clients
I Actually Had To Plug The Ad”

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PROBLEM: Wassim Dabboussi from Adscene Promotions wanted to use direct response advertising to attract more customers.

ACTION: I wrote a display ad for Wassim based on a unique way of selling promotional products which focused on the benefits of what business owners actually wanted, rather than the features.

RESULT: Wassim actually had to pull down the ad.

Here's What Wassim Said About My Copy ...
“I just want to say Thank You to Scott Bywater for the copywriting he has done for me. It was through Scott that I was able to achieve my first ever successful display ad. I’d like to thank you, Scott for showing me how direct response advertising works.
Wassim Dabboussi, Adscene Promotions,

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