Non Traditional Advertising

As you know I am not exactly traditional in my approach to marketing and advertising. And if you’ve read this manual you have no doubt shook your head at times at the non-traditional approach I take – which differs from almost every ad you’ll find when you pick up your local paper or do a search on Google.

And today I’d like to explain why, by referencing Marcus Cunningham in his book: First, Break All the Rules about what the world’s greatest managers do differently.

Here’s an excerpt from his book: Conventional wisdom is conventional for a reason. It is easier. It is easier to believe that each employee possesses unlimited potential. It is easier to imagine that the best way to help an employee is
by fixing his weaknesses. It is easier to “do unto others as you would be done onto.” It is easier to treat everyone the same and so avoid charges of favouritism. Conventional wisdom is comfortingly, seductively easy.

If you want to know why it’s easier, you’ll have to buy Marcus’s book (which is certainly a worthy read if you manage people).

But today I want to explain why the same is true for advertising. It is easier to believe that short copy works (hey, who really wants to go through the arduous process of write long copy?)

It is easier to imagine the best way to write an advertisement is to follow what everyone else is doing. It is easier to run ads that your friends and family love rather than try to bunk convention. It is easier to do things the same as everyone else is doing.

So yes, the same applies to advertising.

And just as Marcus will tell you in his book that conventional management strategies don’t work, I can tell you from experience: conventional advertising strategies don’t work either.

So if you are serious about getting more customers go outside the square, break the rules and follow a non-traditional approach.

Because while being conventional might be comfortable, remember this: most advertising doesn’t work. Most businesses fail – and most businesses are conventional.

So Break your industries rules – use non traditional advertising and prosper.

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