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"Over the years, I have seen hundreds of copywriters. Scott is without a doubt one of the best in Australia. He's one of the rare breeds of classic, results oriented direct-mail copywriters that focuses on bringing the benefits off the page to elicit a response from his readers. His copywriting is such a joy to read, because it's the sort of copy that gets a huge response. It goes straight to the heart of what the customer wants and delivers results - and huge profits for your clients."

Janet Maddock, Promotions Manager, Readers Digest Australia, NSW

FROM: Scott Bywater

If you want to significantly increase the results you get from your ads, web site, and sales letters then this will be the most important letter you'll ever read.

Here's why:

In a minute I am going to show you one strategy you can use on your very next promotion that you write that could triple your response (or more). just by following a simple process.

But first, let me tell you a little about myself and what you'll find on this web site.

My name is Scott Bywater and I have made my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars as one of the leading direct response & direct mail copywriters in Australia.

I've helped business owner's double, triple and even quadruple the response they get from the same advertising dollar.

And I've helped them save money on wasted advertising expenses.

Wouldn't you love that? If you're like most business owners then you probably run ads that all your friends love, or your traditional advertising agency wrote for you. But the problem is they would be lucky if they could.

Sell Ice To The Eskimos

How often is this tragedy repeated in your advertising? You work hard for your money. hard to build a business. You've got your overheads. and let's face it - it costs real money. hard cash when your ad flops! But your results can be very, very, very different.

Imagine this.

You run your advertisement or send out a mailing piece to your database. and the phones ring off the hook with people desperately wanting to get their hands on your product or service.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg because the next minute you notice your email inbox filling up with new orders. and you're receiving a stream of faxes. all with new business.

What difference would this make to the way you feel about getting up every morning? How would it change your lifestyle?

  • Would you get rid of some of your money worries?
  • Would you be able to go on more holidays?
  • Could you retire early if you developed this sort of system?

Sound like an impossible dream? Well.

It Can Be Done - Make No Mistake About It

Listen. I don't blame you for being sceptical. I've heard plenty of B.S over the years too. But here's proof.

500 leads and a total of $200,000 in sales

I had never used a professional direct mail copywriter before, and I was initially a little skeptical, and concerned about wasting money on advertising that didn't work.

But when I ran the ads the phones went off the hook. They generated over 500 leads and a total of $200,000 in sales so far (which I expect to double by the time we follow them up properly). I am glad I decided to go with your recommendation of 5 advertisements, and measuring their results because one ad out pulled every other ad by 50%.

Quite frankly, I'm over the moon with the campaign, and most of all the fact that I have a system I can replicate to achieve results like this over and over again.

Theo Tsiamis, Accountants Choice, NSW

$150,000 in sales from 1 letter

"Thanks to the letter you wrote, we received 140 registered people to our seminar, out of 800 mailed. I was impressed with it being an unexpectedly high 17.5% response rate. As a result of the night I received 6 new clients at $25,000.00 that signed up with me there and then. That's $150,000 in sales! Not to mention what will come in the future and with the additional exposure I received."

Jacqui Attard, Excellence in Practice, NSW

Doubled My Domestic Turnover With Advertisement

"Scott, I believe that conservatively, the advertisement you wrote will double my domestic turnover. It is attracting a better class clientele, in the 45 & over age group - the ones that don't quibble over the price and just want a good job done. It's not attracting the price shoppers. My conversion rate has also increased and I am getting a lot less price resistance. Thank You."

Jim Howes, Australian Technical Cleaning, NSW

"Made 60 Sales Within 30 Days... And Now The Money Rolls In While I'm Asleep"

PROBLEM: by Larissa Carrus sold an ebook about how to Airbrush. Larissa wanted to find the easiest way to increase her sales. She had 3,000 people on her database.

ACTION: I wrote a series of seven auto responders, so after people left their name and email address, we kept in touch with them on an ongoing basis.

RESULT: Within the first few days of launching the autoresponder series to her database, she raked in 60 sales! And still continues to pull in money every day that would have otherwise gone begging.

Here's What Larissa Said About My Copy ...

"I had a massive breakthrough when using your copy, Scott. Not only did I receive instant results from the campaign you put together for me. Over the last few years, the autoresponder series you created has automatically generated tens of thousands in additional sales while I sleep. It's got the right balance between great advice and great salesmanship. Thanks a lot, Scott.

"Sales Are Up By $114,000.00 A Year"

PROBLEM: by Chris Elmore (you may know the name as a success story from owns an online training program that teaches people how to play the guitar. His sales were already strong, as was his copy, but the same sales copy had been on his web site for three or four years and he had a gut feeling his results could be substantially improved.

ACTION: I rewrote the sales copy. I also wrote the copy for a 7-part autoresponder series to convert prospects into sales.

RESULT: Chris improved his conversion while almost doubling his price. Sales increased by an average of $6,000 - $7,000 a month as a result of the copy rewrite. Plus the autoresponder series is raking in an additional $43,000 a year.

Here's what Chris said about my copy...

I'm kicking myself I didn't discover you sooner, Scott. I've made over a cool million from my web site and I thought I was doing pretty good. Yet, when I took a deep breath and loaded your copy onto my site, I had no idea I was going to be putting an additional six figures a year into my pocket.

I rarely hand out recommendations, but this one's a no-brainer... Scott Bywater is a world class copywriter. If you want to step your site up a level, don't wait. Just call Scott and get ready for more money to flow into your bank account every single month.

"I've Generated $50,000 In Sales... And The Quality Of Leads Is The Best We've Ever Had"

PROBLEM: Aitken Real Estate is a real estate agent who helps homeowners sell their properties. He knew their service was exceptional, but his conventional sales copy was not getting this message across.

ACTION: I wrote a 5 page sales letter to generate new listings (homeowners who wanted to sell their property) and a more qualified response.

RESULT: More than $50,000 in sales from the campaign within a few short months. And it still continues to pull in new listings every single time it is mailed.

Here's What Stephen Said About My Copy ...

“I was very sceptical of moving forward with this project. Scott suggested long copy and his prices were certainly at the higher end of the market. Would people really read a five page letter?

I have to tell you that my response has DOUBLED as a result of that LONG letter. But more importantly, I can use this letter over and over again to generate results which I didn't know were possible.

I will continue to use Scott's services, because he's literally added tens of thousands of dollars to my bottom line. I definitely think you should give this guy a try, he's awesome!

"Made $70,000 From This Set'N'Forget Lead Generation Web Site"

PROBLEM: Peter Kirkham from Print Acumen is a print broker based in Perth, Australia. He was looking for an alternative way to generate more leads for his business and wanted to test out the internet.

ACTION: I created a name squeeze page to capture names and email addresses, a lead generation page for new customers to request a quote, and a 15-part auto responder series to keep in touch with prospects and build enough trust and credibility to convert them into sales.

RESULT: Since May, 2006 Peter has found internet marketing to provide the best return on investment compared with all of the marketing strategies he has tested. As a result of this system, he has generated $70,000 in sales.

Here's what Peter said about my copy...

The low maintenance internet system Scott created for me has created over $70,000 in new business over the last 18 months. All I did was test a few ad words on google, and now the system just ticks over in the background.

What you teach is worth multiples of what you charge.

Thanks Scott

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I think you'll agree the testimonials above are quite exceptional. But how is it possible to achieve such a strong jump in sales? It almost sounds too good to be real, doesn't it? And you may even think. you've tried everything. How could I possibly teach you anything?

Well, let me cut straight to the chase.

Business Owners Who Think They Know It All
Are Not Invited To Read Further

Sorry to be so blunt. but after talking to hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of business owners over the years, I've discovered that the 2 biggest things that holds people back is 'ego' and a closed mind.

Yes! You may have been advertising for years.

Yes! You receive calls which pay for your ads and you're cruising along o.k. thank you very much.

Yes! You understand your industry better than I ever will.

But I predict that your advertising is not generating anywhere near the results it could be for your business.

And that's why I'm going to reveal some secrets to you. right now. that will transform the way you run your business. forever!

Listen. This isn't just some crap I've made up to make myself look good. I've been studying this stuff for years. invested over 1700 hours learning this information, read more on this subject than almost anybody else in the country.

I've written hundreds of ads, sales letters and other documents for more than 78 different industries. What you are about to read right now is stuff that is proven to work.

Information that has made my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. and can now do the same for you. So if you're smart, you'll print out this page. even bookmark it. and drink this knowledge in like the finest of wines!


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As you study every word in the 3 secrets I am about to reveal you are going to be blown away by these powerful concepts that have been proven to work over and over again. Get ready to discover.

"The 3 Copywriting Secrets That Will
Make Customers Hunt You Down And
Practically Beg You To
Take Their Money"

Copywriting Secret # 1:
Stop Throwing Your Hard Earned
Money Away

Below are the results for a promotion I recently completed for one of my clients:

Ad 1: 82
Ad 2: 184
Ad 3: 112
Ad 4: 64
Ad 5: 83

One of the advertisements got a 50% better result than all of the other ads . and a 100% better response than 3 of the other advertisements. What does this tell you?

What if we had replayed exactly the same advertisement over and over again? Lets say we ran ad 1, 50 times over and it pulled exactly the same response.

We would have received 80 responses x 50 weeks = 4,000 responses.

By using the best pulling advertisement, we would have received 184 responses x 50 weeks = 9,200 responses

Guess what? They would have cost exactly the same amount, but one of the ads would have received more than double the result.

Here's a fact that may interest you:

"I have seen one advertisement sell 19 ½
times as much goods as another" John Caples

Interesting, isn't it? And yet what do we see happening over and over again? One advertisement used continuously without being tested against ANY variables. That's great once it's tested, but if it's not, you're literally opening up your office window and pouring bags of cash right onto the roof of the newspaper, or Australia Post, or whoever you're paying to promote your business with.

That's a very kind gesture . but I'm sure you'd prefer the money in your pocket . NOT theirs!

Here's an example from one of my clients, Ray Milton, owner of M & M Pest Control in Sydney . of the power of measuring your advertising:

Saved $42,000.00

Your advice on measuring the results we were getting from our advertising confirmed my decision to eliminate over $42,000.00 in unnecessary expenses because it wasn't paying it's way.

Ray Milton, M & M Pest Control,

Copywriting Secret # 2:
Get People's Attention

The ostrich cannot fly but it can outrun a race horse.

And while you may not be able to fly, you can certainly outrun 95% of your competitors by learning how to write powerful and engaging headlines.

YES! This is the secret I referred to at the top of this page. the one that can easily triple the response of every advertisement you ever run!

According to David Ogilvy, who some people would say is one of the leading advertising men of all time .

The Headline Is The Most Important Element
In Most Advertisements

That's because, quite frankly. It's an ad for your ad. If people don't stop to read your headline they simply aren't going to read ANYTHING else you have to say.

Most people have what I would call STUPID headlines. Why? Because they say things which matter to them . but not to anybody else . such as John's Mechanical Workshop. Or Steve's Plumbing.

You need a headline, which is so compelling, so critical to your target market that they are going to stop and read it over the hundreds of other things that they could be doing at that time.

You need something that practically reaches out of the media they are looking at, grabs them by the throat and says . listen here buster. You better read this right now . because you don't realize it, but this could be the best thing you have done all day.

Something like this .

The Most Important Message You'll Ever Read Before
You Purchase Your Next Car

Now do you think that headline is going to stop car buyers a lot faster than "Steve's Car Yard"? Of course it is. Ok . I hear you saying. I don't own a car yard. Fine . all you need to do is adapt the headline so that it meets your needs. Selling Houses? Golf Clubs? Whatever!

Here's another example .

How Men and Women of 35 Can Retire in 15 Years

Now admit it. When you see that headline, you want to know more . right? Especially if you are over the age of 35 . which is who the ad has been targeted to - this is called flagging down your target market.

The sole purpose of this headline is to get people to read the ad. Now if you don't want to retire in 15 years, then of course . you simply aren't going to read the it. But you wouldn't have bought anyway.

Let's continue with 5 more powerful headlines to hurt your brain .

Free Book Tells You 12 Secrets Of Faster Cleaning

One good reason why this headline works is that it offers something for FREE. Offering a report of some kind is one of the most powerful ways to increase your response. Anybody who cleans would have to be curious about these "secrets." By the way, if you look at some of the greatest ads and sales letters of all time, you'll nearly always find some sort of 'secret' element to them. After all, everybody wants to know a secret. So use this concept - it works!

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Buy No Clothes Until You've Visited The
Irregular Clothing Warehouse

Why shouldn't I buy any clothes until I visit this warehouse? Have I raised your curiosity? This is a classic headline that works well because it works on the psychology of your prospect. Think about it like this . if you were looking for some clothes with a friend, and someone said to you. "You shouldn't buy any new shirts until you visit Bob's Clothing Store" wouldn't you want to know why?

And that's the exact reason why this headline is a winner. Now wouldn't you like to learn.

How To Get Your Cooking Bragged About

Let's face it. We all have a need for recognition. And who wouldn't love to hold a dinner party and have everyone raving about their cooking for weeks afterwards.

There are 6 prime motives of human action:

Love, gain, duty, pride, self-indulgence and self-preservation.

This headline works on several of them:

Love: People will love me more if I can cook great food.

Gain: I will gain admiration, respect and appreciation amongst my friends and family.

Pride: Who wouldn't be proud of themselves if they achieved this objective?

Ok. Now let me ask you a question .

Who Else Wants A Better Figure?

If you ask 100 people this question, my guess is that probably 80 would say they would like a better figure. That's why there are so many different products on the market that appeal to this need. Weight loss formulas, exercise machines, special diets, etc. Another thing that people would love to learn how to do is .

Play The Violin in 7 Days Or Your Money Back

Notice how powerful this is. It makes it sound like it's easy to play the violin. What's more there's no risk in taking the action . "or your money back" is a big statement . and proves that it is possible. After all. you wouldn't offer a guarantee if it wasn't.

Your goal is to make your headline so enticing that your prospective customers simply can't resist going on and reading your riveting copy. Notice the psychology involved in each of the headlines above. Powerful stuff!

So once you've got their attention, they'll show up . look at your ad . and when they show up, you've got to be able to bill 'em.

How? Quite simply, by using .

Copywriting Secret # 3:
Make 'em an offer they can't refuse

By the time you've finished reading every word in about secret number 3, you'll have discovered the 3 most powerful elements in any advertisement, sales letter or promotion of any type.

  • The first one was the medium: i.e. which newspaper, magazine, tv station, mailing list did you use to broadcast your message. (if you place an ad for dresses in the mechanic's weekly you are unlikely to get much of a response!) You'll always learn which medium will work best through checking out the rate card and through the testing secrets revealed in Copywriting Secret # 1
  • The second one is the headline. You gotta get their attention
  • The third one is THE OFFER

Think about it like this. You are walking past a shop and you see a dress that is the dress you always wanted . you go in and find out it is well beyond your current price range, so you don't buy it.

They got your attention . but the offer was wrong.

But what if .

  • They offered the dress to you on 6 months payment terms
  • They threw in 6 FREE Dry cleans for you (value: $150.00, but the dress shop did a deal with the local dry cleaner and it ends up costing you only $50.00)
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed for 7 Days . If you are not happy with it after 7 days, bring it back in the same condition . and your money will be refunded.
  • They throw in a FREE $120 Dinner (which they payed the restaurant $40 for) at no charge.

Now how much more of a chance do they have of getting the sale? How unique does that make them over anyone else selling a similar dress?

By the way, here's one of the most powerful offers to make is through using the word that never fails to attract attention, even to this day:


I have helped clients to sell real estate by generating hundreds of calls for a FREE Report on how to invest in property. You could also use this if you have any high priced item:

  • Free Report on how to SAVE TAX for an accountant
  • Free Report on how to SELL YOUR BUSINESS for the best price for a business broker
  • Free Report on how to make your web site make more money for a web site company

Get the picture. Likewise, if you are a business where customers return again and again . why not give the first service away for FREE.

  • FREE Haircut
  • FREE Dinner
  • FREE Dance Class

Powerful offers, right? That client who has their hair cut will come back again and again and again . if you do a good job for him . and it only costs you 30 minutes of your time.

So I hope I've got you thinking.

"Now That You've Learnt These 3 Powerful Steps
About Generating Results From Your Advertising and
Marketing . How Else Can I Help You?

Obviously, the lifeblood of any business is sales. So where does copywriting fit in? I like to define it as.

Salesmanship On Steroids

You see, unlike salespeople who can only meet with one person at a time. when you have a good advertisement created by a professional direct mail / direct response copywriter you can place it in a newspaper where it may be seen by hundreds of thousands of people. And you can run it (or send out a mailer, or advertise your web site) over and over and over again.

That's leverage. wouldn't you agree?

The ability to create more with less effort

And that’s what my team of copywriters and I allow you to do: write ads, sales letters, brochures, web sites, emails and newsletters that sell and sell extremely well. However...

Only Committed (And Serious) Business Owners
Should Request A Consultation To Discuss Their
Marketing And Advertising Requirements

The reason is simple. I will be investing my time in personally helping you identify the low hanging fruit in your business: the way which you can invest the least possible time, money and energy, and get the maximum possible return on investment.

And that’s why to reserve half an hour in my diary you must agree to the following before being accepted for a consultation:

  1. You must agree to have all decision makers on the call.
  2. You must be in a position to invest anywhere from $1,000 - $5,000 for the services of a copywriter.
  3. You must have an open mind, be willing to think outside the box and try new strategies.
  4. And you must be promoting an ethical product or service, marketing based on fair practices (not spam emails) and be willing to pay for top-flight copy and advice.

If you meet all of the criteria above, then you’re welcome to have a...

30 Minute Strategy Session For Just $97

During this session, I’ll show you what’s required to get you from where you are to where you want to be with the least possible amount of time, effort and money. I'll give you a summary of our call and an implementation quote so you can review it afterwards and share it with your team.

I promise to show you how to add thousands of dollars to your bottom line. I’ll ask you some questions about what you’re looking to achieve and who you would like to attract. And I’ll let you know right upfront if I think advertising is the right approach for your company (sometimes it’s not).

Don’t spend any more time banging your head up against a brick wall and doing things the hard way – in 30 minutes or less I’ll show you a plan to boost your results faster than you ever dreamed possible. My questions will quickly get to the heart of the problem. You will get a clarity about your business that you previously lacked.

Obviously, the intention of booking in a strategy session is to win your business. And that’s why, should you decide to proceed with a copywriting project, your $97 will be refunded.

See If You Qualify For A
Strategy Session Now

If after reading this letter you would like me to help you turnaround your business and direct a marketing campaign, then you need to do a couple of things.

  • Make the commitment to dramatically increase your profits, get more customers and start enjoying the lifestyle of your dreams. Truth is, if you’re not committed to following through and don’t believe it’s possible; nothing I can do can help you make it happen.
  • Fill out the application form below in complete and thorough detail so we can effectively evaluate your ability and commitment to profiting from our suggestions.
  • Patiently wait for my assistant, Helen, to get in touch with you. She will ask you a series of questions about your business and what you are looking to achieve to ensure there is a good fit and both our time is well invested.
  • If there is a good fit, you arrange to pay $97 and secure a time in my diary (we accept credit card and direct deposit. No cheques, sorry.)

Remember, you always get what you pay for. And when you work with me, you’ll be getting the best advice money can buy, from one of the fastest thinking and most respected direct marketers around. And don’t worry, if Helen doesn’t think your business is a good fit for what I have to offer, it won’t cost you a cent.

So take a few minutes before applying to mentally commit to creating a marketing campaign that puts dollars in your bank account every single week... answer the questions outlined below... and hang on for the most exciting ride of your life.

Looking forward to your success,

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Scott Bywater

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