How to be interesting in business

Think about this for a moment: what’s the key to success in marketing?

It’s getting noticed, right?

And what’s the key to getting noticed?

It’s being interesting.

Now a tough question for you: how interesting are you?

Are you running for President like Donald Trump? Are you taking trips around the world on your helicopter like Dick Smith? Are you taking impossible trips on a hot air balloon like Richard Branson?

As business owners, many of us won’t do this…

But we can still be interesting.

We can send out interesting newsletters to our subscribers and clients… we can write interesting press releases… we can keep in touch with our top clients with interesting information. And we can…

Learn to write ads that stand out from the crowd

Pick up a newspaper when you get a chance and look at the ads: they all look pretty, they all look the same… they all look pretty damn boring, don’t they?

They have big, pretty logos. A few things about what they do. A few pretty pictures – and that’s about it.

And if you write them, guess who will like them – your mum, your dad, your friends, and you. But your customers sure won’t.

If you use these strategies your mum, your dad, your friends and you will probably hate the look of your ad…

Even your customers might.

But they will respond because your ad will be interesting and appeal to their needs.

Think about it like this – who do you notice when you walk down a busy street?

The guy in the suit like everyone else? Or the person that dresses differently.

It’s your choice.

Be boring and be poor. Or be different and get rich.

One things for sure, you don’t get results like these by doing the same boring thing as everybody else.

If you’re okay with being different… okay with having your friends and family hate your ads while you bank the green stuff, then check this out.

If you’re not, then go and pick up a boring rehashed advertising book which will tell you what you want to hear – written by one of those stuffy Madison Avenue types – from your local bookshop.

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