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“How To Find A Freelance Copywriter Who Can Actually Sell… And Not Just Create Pretty Words…”

Scott Bywater - Direct Copywriter
by Scott Bywater

6 MONTHS FROM NOW, you could have an ad, sales letter, web site or flyer which brings you in $2, $5, even $10 for every dollar you spend on marketing… or you could have a promotion which all your friends and family love (because it looks so attractive) that doesn’t earn you a cent.

The choice is yours.

(And over the next 2 years, your little promotion could buy you a new car, pay off your mortgage, give you luxury holidays to Fiji, Hawaii and the Carribbean – even if the economy slows down or recession threatens to devastate all your competitors).

… Or you could find yourself in an increasing pinch for sales, cash flow and profits.

The choice is yours:

Pretty ads and promotions that everyone loves… but flop like a dead fish


Powerful ads and promotions which look terrible and most of your friends and family hate

Which freelance copywriter will you choose? One that gives you lifestyle. Or one who’s copy everyone loves?

Because they’re not the same person.

Why? Because it takes guts to be a fearless freelance copywriter who sticks to their guns despite the fact everyone dislikes the appearance of their copy.

In one of Peter Sun’s marketing manuals, he gives a perfect example of what I’m talking about. There are 2 ads laid out on a page. And everyone is asked which one they think will sell better. Guess what happens? Over 86% of people pick the wrong ad. That’s right. Over 86% of people pick the ad which received just 2 calls. And not the ad which resulted in over 11 jobs.

Interesting, isn’t it?

So that’s the dilemma of a freelance copywriter who has the knowledge and the skill to deliver results. If they’re good…

  • They’ll use long copy
  • Their ads will probably look ugly, not pretty
  • They’ll use ugly photos
  • And everyone will comment on how busy the ad is

But what’s the alternative. Giving you a pretty ad that keeps everyone happy. But doesn’t bring home the bacon.

The bottom line is you need to choose a freelance copywriter who’s got the courage of their convictions. You do not want a “YES” person. You want someone who’s revolutionary.

I think Earl Nightingale, one of the fathers of self development, summed it up best when he said…

“If You Want To Be Successful, Look At What Everyone
Else Is Doing, And Do The Opposite”

If you’re willing to go outside the square of conventional thinking…

If you can handle the fact, your colleagues will think the freelance copywriter’s promotions are ugly…

If you want results… and money in the bank… rather than perfect prose, then…

Copywriting That Sells

Your freelance copywriting friend,

Scott Bywater
Copywriting That SELLS