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“Why Direct Mail Copywriting
Is Different To Every Other
Form Of Copywriting…”

Scott Bywater - Direct Copywriter
by Scott Bywater
Direct Mail

There are only a handful of ways to advertise your services:

  1. Advertising (newspapers, TV, radio etc).
  2. Flyer drops (scattered, but can work if your industry is broad enough).
  3. Internet / email (works well and is highly targeted by keyword)

… and direct mail.

So when should you choose to go down the ‘direct mail’ route. And what’s do you need to take into account when copywriting for direct mail?

Lets consider a few examples:

  1. Fish and chip shop: Advertising and flyer drops would probably be perfect since 99% of your client base is a candidate for your product. And can afford your product. My advice: Don’t waste your money on direct mail (costing you $1 - $2 a mailing) when you can distribute flyers for less than 20c a name.
  2. Investment advisor to high end clients: Marketing your wares through the newspaper would be a waste since 90% or more of the people you’d be advertising to are not your potential clients. And therefore the majority of your money would be wasted.

You’d be much better off targeting your mailing in this case. Generally speaking, the more specific your market, the more reason why you should consider direct mail.

And what about copywriting for this market?

The difference with direct mail copywriting is you know specifically who you are talking to. For instance, you may be talking to 35 year old men with investment portfolios in excess of half a million dollars. Or you may be speaking with 35 year old women with 2 children who are struggling financially. Or people over 55 who are concerned about their health.

Are you getting the picture? Good. Because the key is to…

Enter The Conversation Already Going On
In The Customers Mind

For instance, if I’m someone over 55 concerned about my health, there may be symptoms the majority of people in my age group suffer from. You could start by asking: Do you suffer from any of these symptoms?

And then list the symptoms.

Is that a great direct mail copywriting technique or what?

Ok, let me give you another example: If I own a real estate business, I might be frustrated with the fact my customers don’t pay their bills on time… or with staff that are constantly not showing up for work… or the fact I have to work long, long hours just to turn a profit.

So mention this at the beginning of the copy?

You’re probably asking yourself: How on earth would I know about that? Well, just like finding out about anything in life… you need to ask yourself the right questions. Let me give you a few to get you thinking…

  • What keeps them awake at night? What are they worrying about as they’re lying in bed, staring at the ceiling?
  • What do they fear most?
  • What annoys them the most on a daily basis?
  • What do they desire most?

The other thing you need to consider is the group you are approaching. For instance, if you’re talking to lawyers, you’ll need to approach them differently to child care workers. Consider whether they have their own language and their personality style (e.g. Are they analytical or intuitive).

Makes sense, doesn’t it?

And that’s the reason why direct mail copywriting is significantly different to any other form of copywriting. Simply because you need to get inside the head of a much more specific reader. And the more you understand your customer the better results you’ll achieve from your direct mail.

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Scott Bywater