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“Little Known Tips To Becoming Your Own ‘Profit Raking’ Copywriter…”

Scott Bywater - Direct Copywriter
by Scott Bywater
Direct Mail

What’s it take to become a world class copywriter? Answer: A lot of work. Probably more than the average business owner is willing to put in. However, if you want to be able to create copy that’s heads and shoulders above your competition, that’s a much easier job.

Why? Because most advertising sucks. Most business owners go to the ‘school of boringdom’ when it comes to creating copy that sells.

And if you can be a little bit different than the average, then you can become a copywriter who will knock your competition for dead. All you require is:

A great headline: Check out Victor Schwab’s book ‘How To Write A Great Advertisement’ and model the 100 headlines he has in there.

A great offer: Make the best possible offer you can. A good copywriter realises the offer is one of the major elements behind a successful promotion.

Some great templates: Check out Richard S Hodgson’s “The Greatest Direct Mail Sales Letters Of All Time” for some awesome examples of sales letters you can model for your own business.

That’s the quick and dirty guide to quickly creating copy which knocks your competition for six. If you’re on a limited budget, or just want to know the difference between an average copywriter and a good one, then do it yourself by following this system. Or you may like to subscribe to my Copywriting Selling Secrets where I’ll walk you through all the step-by-step intricacies of creating more winners more often…

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Your professional copywriter friend,

Scott Bywater
Copywriting That SELLS