Want to know the A-Z of how to write great direct response copy?
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“Who Else Wants To Learn The Little Known Secrets Behind Creating Proven Ads And Sales Letters Which Generate More New Customers Than You Can Handle… As Soon As 17 Days From Now? Step By Step…

Impossible? Not at all. Give me just 7 minutes and I will reveal the highly prized strategies business owners right across the country have used to double… triple… even quadruple their profits. Secrets that most advertising agencies and marketing “gurus” hope you never discover…

Scott Bywater
Scott Bywater - Advertising Copywriter

FROM: Scott Bywater, 10:17 am

If you want to lift your sales and slash your advertising costs, or if you’d like to get new customers racing towards your door like a pack of sharks on a feeding frenzy… and double, triple or quadruple your net profit, then this will be the most important letter you ever read.

Here's Why:

Right now, before I do anything else, I’m going to show you something you can use to make money immediately. This simple strategy is something that hardly any business owner understands. (any doubt will be squashed if you simply opening up your local newspaper and have a look at the ads). Here’s the secret:

Every Ad Or Sales Letter MUST Use A High-Voltage Headline
If You Want It To Generate Results

Most of the time business owners use the highly prized real estate in their ads (the most critical part of the ad - the top 20%) and place their company name there. The fact is that nobody is going to pay much attention to your company name - except you and your mother… let alone pick up the phone and respond as a result of it.

Headlines make or break the success of your advertisement. They can instantly increase your response. (there are cases that have been known to increase the response of an ad by 19.5 times.)

Whether you are writing an ad to get new customers, sending out a sales letter to existing customers, holding a trade show, or any other type of promotion… you simply have to use a powerful headline that’s packed full of WIIFM (what’s in it for me) - or you’re practically flushing large sums of money down the drain.

Consider this: How many advertising messages are you exposed to a day? Some people say, that on average it’s 3,000. Think about it… the side of a bus, a logo on the back of a t-shirt, the brand of your computer, television, or toaster, the side of a car. Everywhere we look there are advertisements. Emails, TV, radio, web site or simply walking down the street!

Everyone wants your attention. And yet you have less time available than ever before. So if you’re going to stop and read an advertisement… it’s got to fight harder than ever to grab your attention.

For instance, when you read a magazine or paper do you study every single word of every story? Of course not. And what about the ads? I bet you read even less - don’t you?

John Caples, a legendary advertising expert wrote, “I have seen one advertisement sell 19½ times as much goods as another.”

David Ogilvy, one of the most famous advertising men in history said “The headline is the most important element in most advertisements.”

Now, time for a few questions:

  • Are you using a powerful headline in your ads and sales letters?

  • Do you know what sort of headlines work - and which ones don’t?

  • Do you know how to attract the right kind of customer with your headline?

6 New Clients At $25,000 - That’s
$150,000.00 In Sales
“Thanks to the letter you wrote, we received 140 registered people to our seminar, out of 800 mailed. I was impressed with it being an unexpectedly high 17.5% response rate.

As a result of the night I received 6 new clients at $25,000.00 that signed up with me there and then. That’s $150,000 in sales! Not to mention what will come in the future and with the additional exposure I received.”

Jacqui Attard, Excellence in Practice, NSW

David Warne

“Scott Bywater does with words what an accountant does with numbers. He makes them work. Before using Scott we were getting okay results in the business, but since… we’ve generated a 32% increase in turnover, which equates to $100 - $150K a year.

Plus, the new ad you wrote is generating bigger and more lucrative leads than ever before. I believe the investment of $37,000 will generate over $300,000.00 in sales.”

David Warne, A Crown Roast, Sydney

Discover The Fortune That Lies
Hidden In Your Advertising

So how much money are you literally pouring down the drain by not understanding these critical facts? What would happen if you simply changed the headline on one of your ads? It’s been known to double, triple, quadruple and even increase responses by 10 times - and more.

Listen, if you’re not currently advertising using this strategy… you should be even more excited about everything I am telling you. Why? Because it doesn’t matter what words you put in an ad or on a sales letter - it costs you the same. It’s the ultimate leverage.

Think about it. If your ad gets 1 sale or 10 sales - you’re up for the same cost. So doesn’t it make sense to apply what I’ve just discussed on every ad you write? Of course it does.

Before we go any further, let me introduce myself.

My name is Scott Bywater, perhaps you’ve heard of me. I’ve made millions of dollars for my clients over the last few years writing ads for business owners throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA and South Africa.

And everyone has been asking me to document what creates this sort of leverage. What makes my ads and sales letters pull in results that double… triple… even quadruple response (like the testimonials you’re seeing throughout this letter)

So I’ve invested over 132 hours documenting everything I do to write winning ads from start to finish. And it’s all available in an advertising home study manual revealing the exact step-by-step process by which you can create winning ads and sales letters - without paying thousands of dollars in fees.

People everywhere have been raving about this amazing new course. And there’s a damn good reason for it.

It’s been described as “amazing”, “life - altering”. “transforming the paradigm of how business works” …

“The first manual on advertising that actually relates to the average business”, “easy to apply”, “down to earth”, “commonsensical”, “level headed”, “the one business book nobody should be without” and more … It is …

Cash Flow Advertising

Your step-by-step proven system for writing ads and sales letters to deliver more new customers than you’ll ever need - no matter what industry you’re in - even if you’re on a limited budget”

In 181 life changing pages, your brain will be bouncing all over the place with ideas as you uncover the customer creating secrets not 1 in 100 business owners is privy to. Secrets which would usually take you well over a decade to discover. Easy to apply strategies to effectively and efficiently uncover a goldmine of cash lying latent in your business…

  • You will see your profits skyrocket at a speed significantly higher than you can currently imagine

  • You will join a select group of individuals who’s businesses are flourishing at an astounding rate (because they know the secrets - and you don’t)

  • You’ll save a fortune on useless, wasted advertising that doesn’t work

  • You’ll never get ripped off by an advertising sales rep again

  • You’ll learn about what drives your customers, and how to hit their ‘hot spot’ so they practically beg you to take their money

  • You will create a powerful new advertising strategy to reward you with an endless supply of new customers … so you can live the lifestyle of your choice.

I guarantee that if you simply implement what you discover in this manual, you will get a TEN TIMES return on your investment in additional profit … and I’m talking about profit you’d never have received if you didn’t discover this high-voltage information (which has been jealously guarded … until now) … within one year - OR IT’S FREE! Have you ever received a fairer deal? The fact is, generating ten times the investment of this manual in extra profits is just the start. The sky’s your limit.

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Proven Results

Over the years, I’ve developed a reputation for taking failing ads, and turning them into cash - generating machines.

Like the simple little test I used to save a pest controller $42,000.00 per year in wasted advertising - and increased the response of a major advertisement by 25% … literally overnight.

Or the Practice Management Company that generated $150,000.00 in sales as a result of a 4-page letter I wrote.

Or the catering company that increased their turnover by 32% or $100 - $150K a year in just 2 years.

Or the property developer who generated an additional $200,000.00 in sales over just a couple of months.

Or the carpet cleaner who doubled his domestic turnover as a result of changing his advertisement. The list goes on and on.

Many people have described me as one of Australia’s top advertising writers. I’ve produced ads and sales letters for people like:

  • Peter Sun (author of over 30 different books in the area of marketing, sales and personal development industry and has educated over 30,000 people around the world)

  • Hans Jakobi (Australia’s Most Trusted Real Estate Investing Educator. Over 140,000 people around the world have read his book How To Be Rich & Happy On Your Income)

  • Jon Giann (The Knowledge Bank)

“I Have Seen Hundreds Of Copywriters. Scott Is One Of
The Best In Australia”
“Over the years, I have seen hundreds of copywriters. Scott is without a doubt one of the best in Australia. He’s one of the rare breeds of classic, results oriented direct-mail copywriters that focuses on bringing the benefits off the page to elicit a response from his readers. His copy is such a joy to read, because it’s the sort of copy that gets a huge response. It goes straight to the heart of what the customer wants and delivers results - and huge profits for your clients.” Janet Maddock, Promotions Manager, Readers Digest Australia, NSW

And right now, I’m about to show you the exact system I’ve used to make my clients thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars.

Once you start using the course, you’ll be pumping out profitable money sucking ads that attract a ton of clients, too!

Now, let me ask you a question…

Do You Make Any Of These Mistakes In Your Advertising?

1. Do you believe that ‘to advertise effectively, your ad has to run 12, 26, 52 or 104 times in order to develop a ‘brand’?
[ ] Yes [ ] No

2. Do you use a logo and mention your company name towards the top of your ad?
[ ] Yes [ ] No

3. Do you measure the exact Return On Investment on every ad you run?
[ ] Yes [ ] No

4. You are guilty of the ‘copycat’ predicament. You copy your competition (who are getting lousy results as well) because you figure they must know what they’re doing.
[ ] Yes [ ] No

5. Do you use one advertisement or a series of them?
[ ] One [ ] Series

The correct answers are: 1. No 2. No 3. Yes 4. No 5. Series

How did you go? If you got anything less than 5 out of 5, then there’s a high probability that you’re losing a lot of money on ineffective advertising. It’s not your fault. You’ve never been taught any different.

But you’re probably flushing heaps of cash down the drain. You may even believe that advertising doesn’t really work unless you’ve got a lot of money. Or perhaps you believe that if you advertise enough it will ‘eventually’ pay off even though it’s not working right now.

And what a complete load of B.S. that is.

“Eliminated Over $42,000 in Unnecessary Expenses”
“Your advice on measuring the results we were getting from our advertising confirmed my decision to eliminate over $42,000.00 in unnecessary expenses - because it wasn’t paying it’s way. I have noticed a 25% increase in inquiries from one of our major advertisements that's responsible for a good chunk of our business.”

Ray Milton, M & M Pest Control, NSW

STOP for a moment and think about this. Imagine placing an ad in the local paper next Tuesday afternoon. By Thursday, when the ad runs, your phone starts ringing off the hook. A swag of enthusiastic customers walk through your door. And the cash registers are ringing faster than ever.

You are banking piles of cash. Your friends are wondering where you get so much money from. But you’re not surprised. You now own a ‘secret weapon’ that you’re not revealing to anyone - Cashflow Advertising.

These unique advertising strategies are proven
to give you a real competitive advantage

I’m talking about strategies that are, in-effect, undiscovered by just about every business owner in the country. And most certainly unseen by your competitors.

Here’s a cross-section of just some of the high-powered business building strategies you’ll be privy to in this comprehensive course

  • The 14 most important and overlooked questions you MUST ASK yourself before even thinking about putting pen to paper.

  • The 12 most powerful words in the English language and how to use them to make you rich

  • Why this 3-word definition of advertising could double your profits.

  • The critical and proven strategy that saved one pest control business over $42,000.00.

  • REVEALED: The 3 most important elements that will ‘make’ or ‘break’ the success of your advertisement even if you do everything else right.

  • My 13 step dead-simple formula for making sure you get maximum value from your ad or sales letter (this is the exact formula I use whenever I write copy - and it’s made my customers hundreds of thousands of dollars - and if it’s helped them amass this much money, then surely it’s gotta be worth something to you, right?)

  • Who you CAN’T trust when it comes to advertising advice (there’s only one type of person who’s advice is pure gold - if you want to make huge profits, don’t ask anybody else)

The 3 fatal mistakes you’re probably making right now in your advertising. (and they’re probably costing you a heck of a lot of cash)

  • How to crush the hidden objections that are stopping your customers from calling … and multiply the pulling power of your ads.

  • AMAZING TRUE STORY: How I was ethically convinced to buy my wife’s engagement ring from a jeweller in Sydney (and I was only at the ‘just looking’ stage … but ended up buying it there and then … because they understood the trade secrets) Now if these guys can do it - couldn’t you too?

  • Discover the “TRUST FACTOR” … which is the hidden reason why people don’t respond to your ads … and how you can use “CREDIBILITY BOOSTERS” to guarantee your cash register rings every time.

  • A quickie “Idiot’s Guide” to understanding your customer’s psychology. (Instantly get the picture on exactly what causes your customer to tick … and learn how to tickle his “hot buttons’ until the stage of frenzy.

  • Why you can give away your product or service for FREE … and make a fortune from the process.

  • How to quickly turn your hidden salesmanship ability into world class sales copy … even if you got a ‘D’ in English

  • Ever had a customer doubt your ability to deliver on your promise? I’ll show you how to overcome their resistance … and get them to whip out their wallets … and give you their money NOW!

  • A very simple tactic to double your profits overnight! (Incredibly, this is an easy technique that’s well-used by smart businessmen … but ignored from 99% of advertisers)

How to absolutely annihilate doubt and scepticism
from the mind of your prospect

  • Discover the critical facts you’ve got to know if you want to create your own ‘mega pulling’ ad or sales letter

  • How to make your business ‘stand out’ from your competitors even if there is absolutely nothing that’s unique about it

  • The # 1 ‘hidden reason’ why people don’t answer your ads … (this isn’t what you think) and how to guarantee you write a winner that leaves your competition in the dust

  • 184 ‘Lazy Businessman’s Shortcut” show stopping headlines that can make you money hand over fist. (and the exact way you can apply these to your business)

  • The 8 letter word you need to ‘totally understand’ if you want to write ads that rivet your prospects … and multiply the profits of your ad

  • A sure-fire 5 point checklist for creating headlines that SELL!

  • How to start writing your ad so that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to get writers block, no matter how hard it usually is (this one super strategy will have you writing like an expert in no time)

  • How to start the first paragraph so it hooks customers into your copy

  • The 3 step ‘psychological triggers’ formula that makes your prospects feel a deep need to have what you are selling

  • What the newspapers know - and you don’t - that makes it easier to read their articles. (Apply this to your ads, and you’ll get more readership every time)

  • The 10 most commonly used words that you can use in your headlines to make you rich

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The secret Mozart used to compose music is equally
effective when writing powerful ads

  • The three types of photos which magically draw customers into you ad like a kid to a candy store

  • 19 simple starters to ensure you never get ‘writers block’ coming up with sizzling headlines

  • How to write a killer headline that stops your target audience cold! (Discover the right trigger words that will pinch your prospect on the arse and force her to stop everything and read your ad.)

  • How to slash your advertising expenses by 55.5% no matter WHAT industry you are in

  • 12 amazing trade secrets that will give you the ‘edge’ - and your competition won’t have even heard of them

  • How to use photographs in your advertisement, which photographs should be used … and how to place them for maximum effect

  • What advertising actually is - you will be astonished! Some professionals aren’t even aware of this

  • The secret headline process which could make you millions

  • Over a dozen different ads and sales letter examples you can model for your own business

As you can see, this manual is loaded with a tremendous selection of hot advantages. But what I’ve just outlined is only scratching the surface of what you’ll be receiving. There’s substantially more than I have room to ‘thrash out’ here.

Why Is This Course More Effective Than Any Other?

Now listen. Any information you can learn is only good if you can apply it. Personally, I get profusely annoyed when I invest in a seminar, a manual or information of any kind … and they don’t show me how it works in action. What’s the point of all that?

Well. There are a lot of half arsed manuals out there that give you a whole lot of text telling you what to do, but don’t show you examples of how it’s actually done - or exercises so you really ‘get’ the information. It’s like trying to learn how to fly an aeroplane and relying on theory.

Think about it. You’d get in the bloody plane and be like …

Oh my god! Oh Shit! Holy Crap! Oh my god!
No! Geez … we’re high up!

But with a bit of guidance and a few hours flying time, you’d really know what it was like to fly that damned plane.

And then you’d know. Really know.

And that’s the exact reason why I’ve included over a dozen different examples of real time ads and sales letters in this manual - so you can see how they actually work, and apply them to your own business.

Plus I’m providing you with a ‘Quick Start’ guide and exercises you can complete so that you truly internalise the information. And instantly use it to boost the profits of your business.

This is the Ultimate Real “Meat and Potatoes” Advertising
Course Which I’ve Jealously Guarded - Until Now!

Comparing most other courses in the marketplace to this one is like making a comparison between ‘instant potatoes’ and the real thing. The instant type is easy to produce, even looks similar … but it’s no comparison when you take your first hungry mouthful.

If you’re like me, you’ve read enough books about how it’s done … but it doesn’t get you any closer to actually being able to do it. Well … this course will change all that.

NO ONE ELSE has created a manual like this for the Australian marketplace, which takes you inside the way I think when I write every single ad. You’ll discover the thinking process, which goes behind writing ads which make my clients hundreds of thousands of dollars. What’s more, my strategies have a bias you’re not going to learn from any advertising agency: Maximum Results with Minimum Cost. Not having to flush your advertising dollar down the drain on a pipedream, but real, easy to apply strategies that WORK!

Have you noticed yet that this manual and the feast of proven techniques enclosed within it, is the sort of information about advertising which will never let you down? You know that with this sort of heavy-duty information on your side, you’ll knock the socks off your competition. And, right now, you’re probably wondering …

What sort of businesses is this suitable for?

The further you read into this, the more you’ll realise that this manual can be applied to virtually every kind of business: it doesn’t matter if you are a retailer, big or small, a professional service firm, consultancies, direct sales, business to business, consumer companies or information companies. In fact…

You Will Complete The Manual Knowing
Exactly WHAT To Do And HOW To Do It

And I’ve gotta warn you. Because I reckon once you get the ‘guts’ of what this manual is on about you’re going to face the dilemma of finding it difficult to sleep at night. Why? Because all these spine-tingling ideas will be jumping all over your brain.

But guess what? Sleep will of little importance to you. There’s nothing that compares to the feeling you get when you know you can ‘turn on’ ads that will bring in as much cash as you desire EVERY SINGLE WEEK. That puts you in control of your future of freedom.

By now, you’re no doubt curious about how much this exceptional manual, Cashflow-Advertising, is going to cost.

However, before we move along to that, you need to know this:

This is NOT a get-rich quick manual. If that’s what you’re after, then please invest in some other course.

And I’m not going to just give you a treasure trove of theory… then wish you well as you grasp at straws - wondering how to actually do it. No way. I’ve laid everything out in plain English, with real examples, so it’s as easy to follow as a simple recipe. You won’t complete the manual, overloaded with bits and pieces of information and wondering “Now, how do I get started on this?” You’ll complete it knowing exactly how to write a blockbuster. Won’t that feel great?

Which moves us along to your investment.

Now, you need to know that to hire me personally it costs $450.00 per hour. Why so much? Because I’ve made my clients a small fortune with the ads and sales letters I’ve developed. My years and years of accumulative experience and know how are as rare as Hens Teeth. I’ve been known to double some of my clients advertising results through something I’ll spot within 5 minutes.

And there are an abundance of other ways I could invest my time. So if I’m going to invest time with you, it’s got to be worth my while. It is not uncommon to have business owners lined up on a 6-week waiting list … all striving to pay sizeable sums for my services.

To produce this manual, I’ve invested over 132 hours, to reveal all the tools you need to know to write ads, sales letters and promotions that could be your passport to riches. Everything you need to know.

So How Much Does This Program Cost

It’s nearly impossible to value this course. But if you paid the normal price for me to explain all of these strategies and techniques to you one-one-one you’d be looking at running up a bill somewhere between $3,500 - $5,000. That’s why this is the most cost effective method of discovering how to advertise effectively.

There’s advertising courses that sell for thousands of dollars… and in my opinion don’t give you the practical step-by-step instructions that this program provides you with. But still, they sell well. And yet, I’m not going to ask you for thousands of dollars… even though I know you’d get your moneys worth instantly if you simply implemented one of the strategies.

I am not a greedy person. Yes… I am money motivated… inspired by profits. But I am not greedy. There is a very clear difference.

And I’m also motivated by something else. You see, after investing a significant chunk of time developing this system I’d like as many people of ambition and enterprise as possible to use it. I’m concerned with influencing the way the maximum number of business owners advertise… so they can achieved the dreams they went into business for.

I tell you that so you might realise why I have clearly underpriced this manual. So I am not even going to ask you for $500.00… even though that was going to be my initial price. I worked out I could easily charge $500.00 and still give my valued customers exceptional value for money. And to be honest with you, the inside information you are getting about advertising within this program would warrant such a price. Especially when you consider that he achieves results with his clients like this…

“The phone rang off the hook and has generated 500 leads and $200,000 in sales so far”

I had never used a professional copywriter before, and I was initially a little skeptical, and concerned about wasting money on advertising that didn’t work. But when I ran the ads the phones went off the hook.

They generated over 500 leads and a total of $200,000 in sales so far (which I expect to double by the time we follow them up properly). I am glad I decided to go with your recommendation of 5 advertisements, and measuring their results because one ad out pulled every other ad by 50%.

Quite frankly, I’m over the moon with the campaign, and most of all the fact that I have a system I can replicate to achieve results like this over and over again.

Theo Tsiamis, Accountants Choice, NSW

But after much deliberation, I’ve made it extremely easy for you to get your hands on this program. I’ve set the price at just $287 AUD.

However it gets even better, because for a limited time, you can...

Test-Drive All of the Information Inside Cashflow
Advertising For Just $17 AUD (p + h fee)

Listen, the investment for Cashflow Advertising is extremely low compared to the value you are about to receive. However, even so, I don’t want you to pay for the program until you read it and find out for yourself just how much value is inside. Does that sound unusual to you? I apologise if it does but I think you deserve to be able to digest, absorb, implement the strategies and prove to yourself they work before I accept your full payment.

That’s right. All I’m asking for is $17 to cover the postage and handling fee with the remaining automatically payable in two installments of $135 AUD/month (total $270) if you decide to keep it. (if you don’t like it, just send it back within 30 days & the first $135 will not be processed, & your initial $17 will also be refunded).

I’m sure you’ll agree this is an irresistible offer for a program that puts money in your pocket for the remainder of your business life. A bloody good deal for such income-generating, proven, results based information. What’s more, it’s fully tax deductible from your business income.

There’s no textbook theories here.

Just straight down the line, hard-boiled, NO B.S advertising advice that SELLS.

It’s what I believe I know better than anybody else in the country. And I’m offering to lay it all down step-by-step for you in this manual. I’ve compressed everything I know into an easy to follow short-cut formula that’s quick, simple… and FUN. And you’re going to get it all for a mere fraction of what it would cost to hire my services directly.

Most importantly…

You’re Gonna Get Every Cent Back The First Time You Apply
Even ONE Of The Secrets You Learn In This Manual

Using a decent headline will easily triple the amount of people who actually read your ad.

Implementing the appropriate “power words” will add so much impact and guts to your marketing material, your prospective customer will be whipping out their credit cards in the middle of the night to give you their money.

And using my 13 “Super Questions” to create a convincing sales argument will immediately DOUBLE your response rates.

If you’re like most businesses, and what you learn in this manual delivers just a FEW more new customers - and provides you with the strategies to keep doing it - you’ve got a legal money-printing machine. And it’s not unusual for the information I share with you to cause your results to skyrocket!

So if you’re a business who does a lot of advertising or direct mail… then $287 is really a painless drop in the bucket. Think about it. If one secret alone can increase your response rate by even one percent, in a few months you’ll know that this investment is…

The Best Bargain You Ever Received!

All you’ve got to do is identify the handful of proven secrets that work for you… and then you’ll be amazed at how fast the money begins flowing in.

You can use them over and over again.

That’s what successful and wealthy business people do. That’s how they get to live the lifestyle that most of us dream of.

Now obviously, this manual is one of the smartest investments you could ever make for your business… but I want to give you even more.

You see, I’m a big believer in the philosophy of ‘adding value’ wherever I possibly can - and going the extra mile. So far I believe I’ve offered that. But you know what I’m also aware of? Right now, you’re seriously weighing up whether to get your hands on “Cashflow Advertising.”

So I want to ethically bribe you to get you over the line. Why? Because I know this stuff works. And I’m absolutely certain of the massive impact it’s about to have on your life. Now, I’ve got a gut feeling that deep down you know after you digest the secrets you’re about to learn in this course, your business will never be the same again. It will transform your lifestyle. You’ll be able to go on more holidays, take off at midday & not worry about having to come back to work, and put more cash in your till for less effort. But what’s it going to take for you to commit to that decision right away?

Well what about this: I’ve been racking my brain for weeks to see what else I could do to make this the most comprehensive… the most practical… and… the most high voltage manual on advertising you’ve ever read. In my opinion, I’ve done it. Here’s what else you’re going to receive…

Some FREE Gifts Worth More Than The Entire Manual Just
For Being One Of The Next 87 People To Say ‘Maybe!’

As a special thank you for investing in this manual, for the next 10 days ONLY, you’ll receive these FREE bonuses with your manual…

FREE BONUS # 1: The Secrets To Writing Classified Ads That
                    Cost Peanuts And Can Make You A Fortune
(Valued at $47.00)

Have you ever wondered why some businesses run small ads in their newspaper every week? I mean, they’ve got to be making money or they wouldn’t be doing it, right? Well, guess what? When I started my business… I was dead broke… and could hardly afford to pay the bills. So I started placing tiny little classified ads, that cost anywhere from about $20 to run.

And they created thousands and thousands of dollars in sales… very, very quickly.

The sad fact is most businesses have no idea how to maximise the use of classified ads. Now you’ll be one of the few in the know.

In this special report, you’ll discover information almost nobody (including the majority of  advertising agencies) know about:

  • The 2 ways that ‘insiders’ approach the use of classified ads

  • 4 good reasons why you should be using classified ads no matter what business you are in

  • The number one rule which… absolutely… must be observed if you want to have a thriving business

  • The single biggest mistake business owners make when writing classified ads

  • The one critical factor you must be absolutely clear about before you place a classified ad

  • The single most effective method of structuring your classified ad for results.

  • How to find the best publications to advertise in for your business

  • The 4 critical mistakes that could lose you money when running classified ads

  • The sort of magazines, newspapers and newsletters you should NEVER run your ad

  • The one fatal mistake that will kill the response of your classified ad

  • Where you should place your ads first if you want to make the most out of your money

  • Why knowing the true purpose of your classified ad… will make it so much more effective

  • The single biggest step you’ve got to take… if you want classified ads to succeed in your business

This is an exceptional report, packed full of rock-solid information you can implement immediately. Imagine knowing and applying all this!
Now, the next report I’m going to send you is one of  my most sort after publications. A guide to help you make use of one of the most rarely used - but powerful tools - used in business today - Fax Marketing…

FREE BONUS # 2: How To Communicate With Thousands Of Customers Without The Cost, Hassle And Set-Up Time Involved In Direct Mail
(Valued at $49.00)

Over the years, I’ve sent thousands of faxes. In fact, recently I invested $700 into fax streams and quickly generated a return in excess of $3,925 in sales. I bet you wish you could get that at the casino! It’s a marketing tool that’s so powerful… it’s illegal in the USA, but in Australia… (and many other countries) at least for now, you could be using it to enormously impact your sales.

This report reveals:

  • The 2 reasons why fax streaming is such a powerful advertising media

  • Who to call to send thousands of faxes out almost instantly

  • 3 real world examples of fax streams in action


Now remember. Nearly any business can use fax streaming with an investment of as little as 5 minutes a week… if they just apply this information seriously.

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30 days from now, this powerful report may be responsible for saving you thousands and thousands of dollars on your media advertising. You see, every businessman wants to cut his advertising costs as much as possible. But very few know how.

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  • An exact template of the letter you can use to start saving money NOW

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FREE BONUS # 4: A LIVE Advertising Coaching Session (On The Phone Absolutely FREE! - Valued at $450.00)

 This is absolutely priceless. It means you’ll be able to run your next ad or sales letter past me to make sure it’s ready to SELL!

Now there is NO WAY to put a price tag on the value of having a world-class copywriter look through your copy. I will give you the best and most brutally honest critique available anywhere in the country - just check out the testimonials throughout this letter.

Sales double overnight

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   Simply because these business owners were insightful enough to get me to check out their copy before they mailed or advertised their business.

Clearly, I’ve got the tested and proven experience to make your advertising work… and I’m committed to showing you how.

Here’s what will happen. Simply send me one of your sales letters, brochures or ads, and I will viciously critique it for you over the phone. I won’t overlook ANY mistakes you’ve made, or make out that you’ve written a winner just to protect your feelings. Bugger that!

In fact, you’ll be treated in the same manner as I treat myself when I write killer copy that brings home the bacon: with the straight down the line honesty of a Judge Judy (on a good day, I promise!) I will simply NOT allow you to go into battle with a bad message. After all, that would send your business to the wall, kill your profits, and sap you of the desire to continue.

Instead… by forcing you to get the best copy into the marketplace as you can - following the strategies, rules and tactics of effective copywriting, that are proven to give you the highest probability of massive success - I will not just save you from the heartache of losing a few dollars.

  No. I will also put you on the fast-track to advertising success… using the same strategies my clients have used to put thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars into their pockets.

Normally you’d be shelling out $450.00 for one of these sessions… but you’ll get this session absolutely FREE. (If you were to pick up the phone and call me at my office and not inform me you are a Certificate Holder, you would be paying $450.00 for a critique)

Now, if you have a calculator handy, that brings your total free gifts to…


Yep, I know the bonuses are incredible value, and I’m crazy to be offering this. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve done everything possible to pack as much value into this course as I possibly could.

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If you’re not satisfied, for whatever reason, then just return the manual to me and I will refund every cent. I will treat you the way I want people to treat me - with trust and honour.

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Now I know how hard it is to get your hands on real, authentic, down to earth advice from an experienced source like you’ll discover here. Some of the secrets you’ll find revealed here are on the fringe. You won’t find them in the everyday marketing world… only truly experienced marketers are aware of how powerful they truly are.

My intention is not to convince you of anything. I am out to spread the word about the proven advertising secrets nobody else has the guts and expertise to reveal.

  • Are you serious about getting a flock of new customers into your business right NOW?

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Just reading it will change the way you view your business forever. You’ll be very, very, very happy with the newfound knowledge - and the newfound ability to generate more new customers than you’ll ever need just weeks from now.


Scott Bywater

Scott Bywater

P.S. Remember you have absolutely no-risk when you invest in “Cashflow Advertising”. In fact, all I am asking for upfront is $17 AUD with the remaining amount payable in two installments of $135 AUD/month which is all 100% covered by my money back guarantee. Try this manual for 12 months and if you’re not completely satisfied I insist on returning your money.

P.P.S. I’ve made it as easy as possible to put everything into action. You’ll find a quick start guide in the manual that you can refer to immediately. So grab the bull by the horns and get started today. Once you see the difference in your advertising results, nothing will be able to stop you. Just hearing the phone ring after you place the first ad will make you so incredibly, incredibly, incredibly pleased you took advantage of this opportunity. So call my number on 1300 88 21 91 (International: (61) 2 4228 3022) and place your order right now. You’ll be glad you did.


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