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A 300% increase in response

I used to get 0-2 inquiries for every ad I ran. However, through what I’ve learnt from your book and Copywriting Selling Secrets Newsletter… now I am getting anywhere from 6-10 inquiries. That’s a 300% increase in response. The simplicity of how you have written it makes it so easy to apply.
Marty Reyes,


Besides adding them to my brain's hard drive,I have also filed them

Scott, I was skeptical about joining another online newsletter. After all, I run a successful business investing hundreds of thousands a year in advertising. I thought I had all the knowledge I needed. However, these are real good tips. Besides adding them to my brain's hard drive, I have also filed them.
Sam Cohen, Institute of Hair Regrowth and Beauty,


I am really surprised you don't chargefor this newsletter and report

I am really surprised you don't charge for this newsletter and report, Scott. You give so much useful, powerful information and I can honestly say I LOOK FORWARD to receiving your copywriting newsletters in my inbox. They're always very pertinent, concise and easy to apply. Being a start up business it has provided a lot of ideas about the ‘how to’ in marketing and advertising literature to build my business. Thank you for sharing some of your wisdom with the rest of us.
Alex Foo,


About Scott Bywater
Internationally acclaimed advertising copywriter, Scott Bywater is the author of Cash-Flow Advertising and widely regarded as Australia’s leading copywriter. For over 15 years now, Scott has researched the success strategies of the world’s best advertising both online and offline. His extensive knowledge is shared through his books, home study courses and online newsletter. As a result, he has helped thousands of business owners create more wealth and engineer their business to achieve greater results. Some of his success stories include helping a weight loss company generate just under half a million dollars in a week... helping a seminar company get into BRW Magazines list of the top 100 fastest growing companies in the country... doubling the domestic turnover of a carpet cleaner by rewriting his phone directory advertisement... and helping a business consultant generate $150,000 in sales from a single letter.