In the early 1900s, advertising was simply regarded as a way of “keeping your name in front of the public” by most businesses. However John E. Kennedy changed all that when he stated that advertising was really “Salesmanship in Print.” (perhaps Ogilvy)

And yet, of the thousands of copywriters out there, relatively few have real-world sales experience, combined with an entrepreneurial background in business. Scott Bywater shares both.

Scott started his career in-the-trenches as a door-to-door salesman for a national cleaning company. Following this, he worked with a major hotel chain, the Accor Group, as the leading salesperson of loyalty cards in the Sydney, Australia office.

This unique experience (combined with several other roles as a call centre trainer and b2b salesperson) allowed Scott to anticipate customer objections, identify the offer that will work best, and generally work out what the customer’s fears, concerns and motivating forces are.

While in sales, Scott managed to attend a one-day seminar with marketing legend, Jay Abraham. This opened his mind up to what he calls Salesmanship On Steroids: otherwise referred to as copywriting.

Seeking to make use of his copywriting abilities for his own benefit, Scott opened up a hairdressing salon when he was just 23 years old. Starting on a shoe-string, Scott learned fast as he created his own materials and, seeing them work time and again, finally made the decision to jump in – feet first – into the world of marketing consulting.

He consulted for years before through a chance meeting; he was identified as one of the leading copywriters in the country by Janet Maddock, the promotions manager of Readers Digest in Australia.

Unlike many copywriters, Scott has also worked with nearly every category of businesses in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer including leading direct marketers throughout Australia, Canada, USA and the United Kingdom.

Scott has completed the copywriting course from AWAI (American Writers and Artists Institute), as well as studied the work of industry gurus Gary Halbert, John Carlton, Clayton Makepeace and Dan Kennedy.

He lives with his wife Helen and son Ethan in Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia and serves clients across the U.S, Canada, UK, Australia and the world at large.

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